Tuesday, October 2, 2018

the week that was

I was a bit under the weather last week.
Nothing terrible, just a sore throat, thick head, and general malaise.


I managed to put one foot in front of the other Every Single Day through the most miserable, overheated deluge of a summer I've ever known. When the weather at last turned lovely, I spent several days doing a lot of this:

Fortunately, I had the very best of care.

By Friday, I was feeling much more myself, and trying to get caught up on everything that had slipped. Maybe I could have succeeded (hahaha - that was a joke) if I hadn't taken Saturday "off" and gone up to Vermont for the fiber fair in Tunbridge. It's the only annual fair that I try very hard to attend, because it includes the Cashmere Goat Association annual show. I want to support the CGA, and it's always helpful to see what goats from other herds look like, and learn a thing or two.

And, well...fiber. Right?

This year I had the rare opportunity to handle dozens of wool samples in John Crane's exhibit: Sheep Breeds: A World of Difference.

Here are two I've been very curious about:

The driving and the standing and walking and the 10-hour daytrip was a lot.
I'm still feeling it, but I'm glad I went.
And now I'm glad I'm home.

Even if it is raining again.



  1. Zinnias, warm toes and kitties. For being under the weather, that doesn't look like a bad week. Long trip to the fiber fair, but it was a nice day to do it!

    1. I've been to this fair several times, and while the weather has never been terrible, this year the weather was perfect!

  2. I'm glad that you're feeling better! The fiber fair sounds like fun - I remember it from past years. I hope that you get some better weather. It's supposed to snow here later this week :(

    1. I was just wondering last week if you've seen snow yet...and how soon we'll see it here.

  3. So sorry you were malaising - that's not fun at the best of times, but it looks as though the furry sympathy factor was well in hand. Glad you recovered enough to be able to attend the fair.


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