Saturday, February 18, 2017

taking care

As winter creeps along,
and everyone I know is struggling,
it seems more and more obvious that many things are

Including myself.
I've been making an effort to eat well this winter.
Homemade soup. Fresh greens. Very little sugar.

A few days ago I ordered something special.
My lovely postal carrier brought it yesterday.
You may know that surprise packages are one of my favorite things,
but even when it's not a surprise, opening a package is fun.
(I live a very quiet life these days.)

The moment I cut through the tape,
all my senses perked right up.
Because this:

 Organic Meyer lemons
from Lemon Ladies Orchard in California.
With a nice bonus treat: fresh bay leaves.
I've never met Karen Morss, the Orchardess, but I bet I'd like her.

In about an hour I'll be back outside, wrestling a bale of hay onto a sled
and pushing it foot by foot through the heavy wet snow to the barns.
And wobbling to and fro with jugs of water for the big de-icer bucket.
And fighting to get gates open,
then fighting to get them closed again.
And again, and again.

But right now, I'm enjoying the juxtaposition
of sunshine, snow, and fresh lemonade.

Cheers, dear readers.


  1. Be still ny heart. Such a pleasure to grow these sweet little lemons for someone who appreciates them so much. Enjoy all!

  2. Idyllic post! A real gift to your readers. Thankyou.

  3. How lovely, I feel like I can smell them as I read your words. The perfect indulgence on a dreary winter day. :)

  4. The color is so beautiful I can almost imagine smelling them. Mmm....

  5. I don't know what it is about lemons, but just looking at them makes my mouth water! Same thing with oranges. Yes, a glass of lemonade on a sunny winter's day does contrast nicely. Now what else are we making with those beautifully unblemished lemons? Hang in there with the winter chores ... bit by bit Spring is on her way!

  6. Oh yummy! I can imagine the smell when you opened the box. Your lemonade looks so refreshing. Take care as you toil away. Have a super Sunday!

  7. We are able to enjoy Meyer lemons (sparingly) all year, in Portland, Oregon no less. We have had a Meyer lemon tree in a (large!) container for over 20 years. In the winter it comes inside and completely takes over our breakfast room; when the weather warms, we drag it back outside. In return for our loving care, it rewards us with a few lemons in the winter and a LOT of lemons in the summer!

  8. WOW those lemons are gorgeous! Happy Lemonade!
    I bookmarked the website.

  9. What a fabulous surprise...such a blessing and gift in the midst of winter.

  10. What a wonderful idea to add something refreshing to your day. That lemonade looks wonderful.

    We are more perishable here too - we're in a battle with the flu, despite our flu shots.

  11. I love it that you ordered such a "surprise" for yourself! I love Meyer lemons, and those are beauties. And you don't need to add nearly as much sugar to Meyer lemonade. Beautiful photos!

  12. I can't imagine having that much lemon-y goodness in a box! Yum.

  13. What a wonderful box of goodies! My parents used to ship us fresh oranges from Florida each winter but the place that made it super-easy to ship closed down last year. Those were the best oranges...
    Did you make anything besides lemonade with the lemons?

    1. Wow, I wish someone would ship fresh citrus to me every year! Mostly I've been drinking the lemon juice, but I've frozen the zest and juiced-out hulls for cooking with, and I've got a jar of experimental salt-preserved lemons to start using in a month or so. Oh, and there's a container of hulls and vinegar, turning into liquid cleaner - have you ever done that with citrus peels, etc.? I've done it with peels from oranges and clementines, but this is the first time I've had enough lemon bits to make it worthwhile.


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