Sunday, May 8, 2016

birthday girl

Today is LeShodu's birthday.
She is my foundation doe;
the Matriarch of Cloud Harvest Cashmere.
Every goat on the place is related to her.

She came here in 2010, at the age of 6:

In Spring 2011, LeShodu introduced Violet and Lily of the Valley :


Acer and Betula followed, in Spring 2012: 

Reluctantly (it was my idea), LeShodu took a year off in 2013...

...then produced Vinca and Dara in 2014. 

LeShodu was formally retired as a breeding doe in 2014.

Again, it was my idea.
LeShodu's clear preference was to continue growing her herd.

Can a Queen ever have too many Subjects?
LeShodu does not think so.

Of course, LeShodu has not retired from either brush-clearing...

...or producing very nice cashmere.

Happy 12th Birthday, LeShodu - Queen of the May!


  1. Very happy birth day wishes to LeShodu - hopefully there will be some special carrots just for her.

  2. Such a beautiful queen! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Your Majesty. Enjoyed viewing your subjects.

  4. Happy mother's Day too! Lovely pix here! What's the origin of her name?

    1. Because she came here as an adult, LeShodu came with her name; all the others are named for something blooming or leafing out when the goat was born. LeShodu's breeder once worked in Africa, and I was told the name means something like "bandit" in an African language.

  5. The birthday girl is adorable!

    1. I'll tell her you said so :)
      She certainly hasn't lost her youthful appears whenever another goat isn't in the "right place."


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