Tuesday, May 10, 2016

tuesday tidbits

During the recent week of rain, the amazing epimedium continued to produce masses of tiny gem-like flowers:

 The flowers are passing, but look at what the leaves are doing!


In other perennial news, the little wild ginger plant I added last summer was one of the first plants to return this year. It's leaves looked exceptionally lush against a palette of Forest Floor:

Charming, isn't it? 
One day I made a little line drawing:


Several readers have asked about Project Windowbox.
Thanks for asking! Here's an update.

The design decisions were easy, thanks to all the good advice I received here. I am very grateful! This is the kind of thing that can hang fire for years while I hem and haw. The choices made:

1) sturdy white plastic boxes
2) continuous wooden supports built across the long walls

After a long and fruitless online search, I found boxes locally - a nice surprise. I also ordered gallons of a cedar-oil-based wood preservative, because the exterior walls of the porch needed to be protected before installing the boxes.

No big deal.
My occasional hired helper and I could work together and get it done, lickety-split.

On the right:
product applied but not yet absorbed.

Then...for nearly three weeks my occasional hired helper and I experienced a baffling series of miscommunications. By the time it was straightened out, the rainy season (it really has felt like an actual season, with soup and tea and a barn coat that never quite dried out before I had to put it on again) had begun.

So, for the past two weeks we've been working as often as weather and schedules permit. Working on several now-overdue tasks.
Working hard.

Current status: most of the porch now has two coats. The gable peak has one. A third overall coat may be needed; we'll see. Either way, fingers crossed the painting will be finished by next week. We finally had a sunny day yesterday, and another today, but my helper has not been available...so, no progress yet this week. Yes, I could crawl up that ladder and do the gable myself, but moving and setting the higher ladder is hard for me to do. So I'll wait.

Meanwhile, one more piece fell into place on Saturday, when I found a source for the potting soil recommended to me by a blogger who gardens like I can only dream of gardening. I've never been so excited about the opportunity to buy dirt. I'm really pushing the boat out on this project! 

Soon...I'll keep you posted!

I'm sure LeShodu would like to thank you for your kind birthday greetings, and especially the suggestion of "special carrots."

"'Special' is a unit of measurement, right?
Is it equivalent to a pound?
Or is it one carrot for each of my 12 years?"


  1. Boy, she's a beauty...I may have missed her birthday - I read the post, but can't remember if I sent her a wish...boy, do I hate being distracted! Happy Belated, LeShodu. And, since everyone else is asking about the fabulous windowbox project, I'd like to know about an babies on the horizon this year.

    LOVE your line drawing - even without a vote this time. Happy Wednesday, Quinn - XOXO

    1. Sadly, no kids this year, Tanya. And it's very strange not to be doing the prep work, and watching and waiting for the little beepsters to arrive.
      Thanks for the encouragement on the drawing :)

  2. LeShodu and Jingles are the same age. :) So, you've gone from cold and snow to rain. Is it at least warmer? My Colorado boy says he is still waiting for some sort of spring. 2 weeks ago they still had snow and the Eastern parts of the state just recently had tornadoes. Glad you decided to wait for help with the gable work. No need to climb that ladder on your own. I look forward to seeing those window boxes finished in due time. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. We should have scheduled an international birthday party for Jingles and Shodu!
      It's still cold at night but getting warm during the day. My perennials are suddenly competing with plantain and rubus, and I'd better start helping them out a little bit!

  3. For having such tiny flowers the epimedium has such spectacular leaves - amazing! So happy to hear that Queen LeShodu is getting 'special' carrots...she deserves them.

    1. I looked at the pictures from last year, and the leaves were solid green when I bought the plant in June. It's magic, that's what it is!

  4. such sweet tiny flowers and lovely leaves along with the sketch. The Queen definately looks like she is concentrating on something important. Great photo with the angles and sun.

    1. That little a-frame - the Caprine Chalet - was one of the first shelters I put up for the goats, and LeShodu still chooses to spend time there...I think she prefers having her own "room" ;)

  5. I like the wood preservative. Nice drawing. The sun looks wonderful!


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