Thursday, November 13, 2014

a different perspective

Would you like to see a couple of goatcam snaps?
Here is Lily of the Valley,
looking out the open barn doorway.

And this is what she is looking at:

The largest round glow is the light over my back door.
One wall of the porch (with it's new row of windows)
is visible because of the floodlights at the gable peak.

The little bright rectangle of light in between
is the window of the room where I am typing
right this moment.

And in the foreground...
those two blurry vertical streaks?
Those are two tiny snowflakes.
They are not alone.

There have been a couple of brief flurries earlier this season,
but this is the first snowfall predicted to drop
a couple of inches here.
We'll see.

The builder is off til Monday, so I'll be focusing on other projects (fence tightening and gate building, for example) and general tidying up, indoors and out, depending on how cold it is. And taking Piper for longer walks. 

Piper has been shortchanged on fun for much of the past week, I am sorry to say, as the days are so short and I have been, frankly, exhausted. To be honest, even getting the evening chores done has been a struggle; I've started feeding and watering the moment the builder leaves, at 3 or 4 PM, and crashing the moment chores are done.

As a result, Piper has been enjoying an unusual abundance of treats and snacks each day, and of course she gets some exercise running around here at home, but it's not the same as snorting up and rolling in and running through the woods, even briefly.

"Are you feeling guilty yet?"

Today I had a chiropractic appointment, so I put Piper in the car and we stopped for a quick run in the woods enroute to my appointment.

 And then, on the way home,
we stopped again, in a different place:

And - bonus! -
those brief interludes were very refreshing for me, as well.



  1. LotV is probably thinking "Ha! It's fine for Her - She's snug inside..."

    Rest is also important during any construction. Looks like yours will be enforced :)

    Will / can the builder continue in the snow?

    1. You would not believe how warm the cashmere goats are, in their grow-your-own winter underwear. They choose to spend a lot of time outside, even on the coldest nights! I feel sorry for them when we get (lovely to me) warm days after the cold weather had begun.
      There are some tasks that can be done regardless of weather, but the builder has a family commitment for a long weekend away. I'll be making a few decisions and searching out more materials, but trying to resist the urge to pick up a hammer on the porch. In the barn, maybe! ;)

  2. Love the goat cam. I've been thinking of getting a web cam for outside our house so we can know what critters are out there in real time (rather than checking the memory card after the fact).

    The early sunsets have exhausted me too. It feels as if I run out of daylight every day. Rest is important so I hope that you're finding time for some!

    1. I think you would enjoy it! I bought mine originally as a means of unobtrusively checking on the does in kidding season, and it has already paid for itself many times over in that way. But it also provides a lot of useful and unexpected information about animal behavior. And then there's the entertainment value!

  3. Is that blaze orange that Piper is wearing? sensible dog.

    1. Yes, one of us was wearing her orange. The other one was an eejit. (And my old orange cruising vest lives in the car, so there was no excuse!)

  4. Piper is personality plus; it just glows all over her! As to weather, 6 inches of snow the first weekend of Nov and then melted. Last night, started snowing again and still snowing; temps dipping into teens tonight and hopefully not into single digits. The wood stove has a fire and we're cozy and warm but not ready for winter. If you're wondering...

  5. I know the "not ready" feeling well, Sandra! This year I have been going full-tilt (well, of course my "full-tilt" is most foks' "barely creeping along" at this point, but I keep moving anyway) for the past couple of months at least, and there is stil So Much To Be Done. I'm just trying to stay calm and have faith that my best efforts will be good enough.
    Stay warm! Bet it's beautiful at your place, at least once your chores are done and you can look out the wndow :)

  6. Looks like Lily is hoping you'll come on down for a little treat of something sweet? What a great way to spy on the pets. I should put one of those in my house and leave the dog alone ... well, actually I don't need to, I know he pulls the garbage out and "hides" the evidence behind my chair in the living room (no imagination!). I hope your renovation is finished up quickly. Your home looks quite snug from where the goats are looking. It's gotten chilly here too, but so far only a few flurries and nothing staying on the ground. I can just feel Piper's energy in those shots!! What a happy pup to be loose in the woods at last! Enjoy your weekend. Wendy x

  7. That Piper sure does love the great outdoors. She runs with wild abandon. :) I can only imagine how much work you must have to do each and every day. Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

    1. Thanks, Tammy. I am baffled by how many hours I am putting into the porch reno every single day, despite the fact that someone else is doing the actual hammer-swinging. But Winter is breathing down the back of my neck, and the sooner the porch is at least buttoned up, the better!
      Yes, Piper approaches life with a strong Play Ethic. I could learn something from her, maybe?
      Have a great weekend :)

  8. She looks SO happy running down that path! Hope the chiro visit helped!


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