Sunday, November 9, 2014

fret-free sunday

For the first time in over a week, I will not be spending much of the day fretting about where to find nine matching windows. Because as of 9 AM this morning, I know exactly where to find them:

They are lined up on the screenporch!

The building of kneewalls will commence at 9 AM tomorrow.

After the delivery truck had gone, 
I worked with a light heart.
Even during the babies' hoof-trimming,
which is not a favorite task for anyone involved.

The sun was almost shining,
the air was almost not cold.
There was plenty of time for visiting,
especially with Acer and Betula.
I told them all about the windows.
The mood was quietly festive.
There may have been some spontaneous singing.

"Is that what that was?
I thought someone was grinding stumps." 

"Don't listen to Betula!
I love it when you sing!
And then we have carrots!"

little Vinca: Why was that big truck here?

Betula: It was delivering windows.

Vinca: Why do we need more windows?

Acer: They aren't for us.


Vinca: What? I don't understand. Isn't there a building project going on?

Acer: Yes, but it's not something for us.


LeShodu: The world has gone mad. Fortunately, our hay supply has not been affected. Let's eat.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Let's eat!


  1. Yay, exciting stuff! I expect the goats have big plans for taking over the glassed in porch as a winter haven..

    1. I think the hens have called dibs on it! Since taking the screen walls apart, I've had to shoo the hens off the porch several times each day. I wouldn't mind them visiting, if they would go elsewhere "when nature calls"!

  2. Huge progress!!! But, I can see the goats' point. Do you mean that there is no building project underway for *them*?

  3. Window envy here! We're in need of some for our front porch project! Or rather the new window, insulation, and siding project that comes along with it.

    Please tell me again what camera you have. Your goat photos are always so fantastic. I got a mid-range canon sx510-hs that I'm really disgusted with. $300 and more than half the photos it takes are crap (which must be bad cuz that's strong language for me, LOL)

  4. HAHAHAHAHA - it's a mad, mad world (with lots of windows), indeed!


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