Saturday, March 1, 2014


Very special things arrived in my recently-excavated letterbox this week!

The first was a giveaway prize from one of the Grow Your Blog Party drawings:

Aren't these gorgeous?!

Many thanks to Karen at knitalatte for my lovely handknit mitts!
They are light and warm, and these colors are delightful!  :)


Next, was another luck-of-the-draw prize.
All the way from Shetland, across the sea!

A bit of background on this one...

Have you heard of the historic Lerwick "Up Helly Aa" fire festival? If not, you may find it is worth watching (at least watching online, as I do) next January. Months of preparation go into this community endeavor and the results are really something. Hundreds of costumed "Vikings," a dragon-headed wooden galley (ship), a massive torchlight procession through the town (that's my favorite part, it is truly stunning), followed by the ceremonial burning of the galley.

Well, this past January the Shetland:Pride of Place folk had a drawing of people from all over the world who tweeted their location during the Up Helly Aa livestream. I was one of the lucky winners, but to be honest, I had forgotten all about it...
when a package appeared!

Music and maps and trinkets and information and a perfect knitting project tote bag.
Now all I need is some Shetland wool to put in the bag.
But with shipping being so costly, I ought to just go over there and get the yarn, right?


Well, it's a nice dream, anyway  :)

I hope your weekend is full of nice dreams.


  1. Well, if anyone deserved surprises in the mail it's you! very happy for you.

  2. I agree - after all you've been through recently, you earned the right to wonderful surprises in your mailbox!

  3. Ooh I love getting parcels in the post! And yours look lovely :) xx

  4. The best kinds of parcels include knitting related stuff :)

  5. My weekend is full of warm weather! Woo hoo with snow and sleet forecast the upcoming weekend.

    The mitts are lovely. Love those colors!

  6. Haven't you packed yet?!
    Nice wins, Quinn, well done.

  7. What lovely surprises in your mailbox! I was just thinking this morning that I need to make up a pair of fingerless mitts to put inside my already two mittens to keep my hands warm on the backs. Thinking all of this in the -20C temps this morning walking the dog. Your fingerless mitts are gorgeous ... love the yarn! I would definitely say pack your bags for Shetland ASAP, and don't forget an empty suitcase for the yarn ;) Wendy x


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