Thursday, February 27, 2014

second thoughts

"I know I said I was done with that, but it's kinda chilly today...
do you think we could stick it back onto me somehow?"

It was 2F (-17C) when I got up this morning, but since Acer has chosen to spend most of the day outside, I feel confident he is not too cold. He's actually still wearing quite a bit of his cashmere, and this morning I didn't even comb the pieces that were sticking out of his topcoat, in case he could hang onto them a little longer. Of course, he's probably rubbing them off on a fence right now.

All the goats - and the hens - get extra feed when it's really cold, partly for the extra calories but also for general encouragement. In tough weather, I'd rather have the goats waste a little more hay by playing in over-filled troughs, than have them run out of hay at any point. So it's extra grub all around.

Piper and I have extra grub too, in solidarity.



  1. "Piper and I have extra grub too, in solidarity."

    It has to be done :-D

  2. Quinn, I'm going to pretend my "goats" need extra grub so I can join in *TeeHee*

  3. Yes, definitely. Today I made a nice chocolate cake which I split and put in cherry filling, because my son is visiting this evening and it was an excuse to fuel us both in the newly returned polar vortex. this is now to be known as my Solidarity Cake.

  4. He'll be asking you to knit him a sweater with it next ;)

  5. Your post made me laugh. I could be one of your goats :) I find that I lose weight every winter if I don't add more hay to my diet!

  6. They make heat from the belly out so it's never wasted to give them a bit extra in hard weather. I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow so I can set out a round bale.


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