Tuesday, March 4, 2014

quick question

Dear Readers,

If you were my camera, where would you be?

Your friend,




I have been looking for my camera for four days.

Today, I reached the point of searching in places 
where no camera could possibly be.
So...I turned to you, my Readers, for help.

Ten minutes after posting the question, I found the camera.

In the trash.
In the TRASH.


Blogging is a powerful thing.



  1. My brother always used to say that the best way to find something was to stand in the middle of the floor wailing for help! in our house it usually resulted in help if only to stop the racket.

    very glad you found your camera, vital item there.

    1. I did try walking around the house calling, "Camera? Cameraaaa!!"

  2. What in the world was it doing in the trash??? That gives me no hope, Quinn, my camera has been gone for 6 months and haven't a clue where it might be. Also, lost my phone for 2 weeks, finally found it on the sun room porch and only God knows how long it'd been rained upon. Dave would be having hissy fits and it didn't please me any to have to replace it with a cheaper model that wasn't as good.

    1. It must have fallen off the table somehow, plop into the one place where I wouldn't have heard it land amongst crumpled paper towels and Piper's empty treat bags. It's a sign of the level of searching that's been going on: I was emptying trash and recycling containers, piece by piece!

  3. Wow! Good thing you found that before garbage day! I was going to suggest your vehicle. Our garbage can is not so accessible with a watering can on the lid (full of water) to keep our dog from flipping up the lid and stealing whatever he can reach :]

    1. It was a total fluke that I didn't take the rubbish to the dump on Saturday! :)

  4. Lucky, lucky, lucky...

    Note to self: don't be afraid, and ALWAYS check the trash before binning it LOL

  5. So glad you found your camera, I'm glad I'm not the only one who mislays important belongings, I'd have had the house upside down trying to find mine. as Dani mentioned next time, check the rubbish first. a lesson learnt. I've found many an item I'd lost tucked in a carrier bag waiting to go to the bin.

  6. Good thing you didn't take the trash out. A couple of months ago, I was looking all over the place for some money. I had it in my hand when I was picking up some other stuff and then couldn't find it later on. Turns out, I had put it in the trash, the equivalent of about $150. Oops!!!! Doing too many things at one time is never a good thing. We really aren't meant to multi-task and the older I get, the more I realize that. :) Best wishes, Tammy

    1. I know what you mean about multi-tasking. It's a hard habit to break, but it does get me into trouble! Glad you found your cash :)
      A few years ago, a carpenter called me about an "outstanding" bill for $1500. I told him I had sent a check more than a month earlier, in fact, the very day I'd rec'd his bill. Investigation revealed that his son had tidied up and put the unopened envelope (with check) straight into their recycling bin. Apparently my carpenter's family does not recycle as much paper as I do, because their bin had not yet been taken for shredding. Happy ending!

  7. How fortunate that you thought to look there! I cannot imagine you without your camera.

  8. Good grief ... how did it get there! So glad you found it x


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