Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Azalea, who has always been a sweet and steady goat,
is taking motherhood very seriously.

When she decides it's time for a meal, she wakes the baby by talking to him,
and calls him out from his cozy cubby under the bench.

After he's had some milk and a bit of exercise - mostly short backward bounces at this point - she tucks him right back in under the bench for another little snooze.

So far, she has a very cooperative son.

I've known Azalea for a long time, and at this moment in time...

I wouldn't want to argue with her either, little fellow.


  1. Yup, I wouldn't argue, either. Do mama goats normally encourage their kids to eat? Or do they usually initiate it?

    1. I'd say both :) When there are two kids, one is always waking up first and getting the other one going, and then one will remember milk, and the other will notice and join in at the milk bar, and so on. With a single kid, there isn't that built-in level of activity, so maybe the mama will remind the baby more often. And all mamagoats will sort of whicker to a baby, much like the way horses talk.
      And sometimes I think it's telepathic! The babies and mamas will be out in a paddock, playing and running around, and suddenly the babies will STOP and turn around and RUN to mama and immediately start to drink. I've seen it many times and I've never heard a sound from the mama!

  2. What a dear little boy she has. She must be very happy with her accomplishment.

    1. He is pretty sweet! And Azalea is thoroughly engrossed :)

  3. So interesting to see a white baby from such a dark coloured mama (although I do know it goes back in the lineage). Very well behaved young one too - although I suspect that's bound to change!

  4. Congratulations!
    Azalea does appear to be very pleased. Her kid must be special.

  5. Oh my goodness. Cuteness overload. What a wonderful mom Azalea is!!!

  6. oh my goodness! How sweet! It is amazing to see the interactions of animals with their young. Azalea is a very good mama.


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