Tuesday, May 15, 2018

first of the muggy days

Rain was predicted today and I wanted to do a little more in the perennial garden. So I got outside early while it was still overcast and muggy and buggy.

I was driven back indoors after a couple of hours, not by rain but by black flies and fatigue. Shortly after, the sun came out - and the rain came down. A sunshower!

Now the rain has stopped, the sun is out, the humidity is up even higher, and everything in the world is dripping. I am so glad I got a little work done when I did.

I'm hoping it clouds up again before I go out to do chores while keeping an eye on Moxie. She has discovered another way out of the perimeter fence - this will be the third! - and the only way I'll find it is to casually watch her out of the corner of my eye. She'll never do it if I'm looking right at her or following her around. Moxie is a pistol!

She has two "modes."


and Full Speed Ahead!



  1. It's been sunny and warm all day today, but I can hear the thunderstorms approaching.

    I love Moxie's modes. lol.

  2. We've had a couple of waves of thunderstorm here so far, with heavy rain pouring straight down. Still raining but tapering off, I hope. Oops, there's more thunder...

  3. Now, how can such an innocent face as that be up to no good when your back is turned? Finally getting some warmth here and very happy to shed jackets and heavy clothes.

  4. Oh no – it seemed as if spring just arrive there, and now it's already muggy. I hope that you get some more nice spring weather. Moxie He's a very smart kitty not to let you see where she sneaks out! For her safety, I hope that you figure it out.

    1. Found it and fixed it! A place where the goats had been standing up against the fence (6' high, 2x4" woven wire openings) and had bowed it out so that the bottom curled up from the ground in one spot about 3' wide and 4" high. Last autumn I went around the entire perimeter pining down small sections of lifted fence, but this is a new spot. I'll have to add checking the entire perimeter to my more frequent routine.

  5. Just catching up with you. You've been busy! I had a little greenhouse like that for several years before the cover finally disintegrated. It was great. I miss it now. I like the Very Raised Bed too. As I get older the appeal of them gets stronger!

  6. Neat pictures. Recovery I can relate to. lol
    I did back and forth for exercise covering route to where I left the seeds needing to be sowed. Yay spring!

  7. Moxie is so cute. We are actually having rather mild weather for May here in Kuwait. It's usually too hot to do anything but I'm still walking every (most) days. But there are those irritating little flies that zoom directly around my face and try to follow me home so I'm constantly swatting (and likely look like a crazy person).


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