Saturday, April 14, 2018

saturday snaps

Lately, there's been so much this.
If it's not raining, I try to comb cashmere for two hours in the morning
and one or two hours in the afternoon.

Today, though, being Saturday, there was no morning combing. I needed that time to gather up rubbish and recycling from the barns and the house and take it to the dump.

This afternoon I could have combed, as it was overcast but not raining. But Piper deserved some quality time with a person not too pooped to be good company.
We headed for the woods.

Funny thing: you know how a dog will jump up when the car keys jingle? Well today, Piper didn't wait for that. She jumped up when she saw me put a sketchbook and paints and brushes in a little pile.

We spent nearly two hours wandering around.
Trying to keep our feet dry. (Mostly me.)
Smelling things. (Mostly Piper.)

It was perfect light for soaking up colors.
Striped Maple buds looked almost black next to the deep green stems:

A single partridgeberry:

Color and texture:
I generally take many photographs of bark.

So today I also tried painting some bark.
Red oak, hemlock, and black birch:

Before I could add a fourth species, the sky suddenly grew darker and the temperature dropped. So Piper and I packed up and headed briskly out, just making it home in time to cover the hay. It was a very good couple of hours.

Piper had a grand time, even during the few minutes that I was painting. We have reached an agreement about how close a dog's head should be to a watercolor.

This close:



  1. That's a lot of combing. Piper is one smart cookie. Glad you two got to enjoy some quality outdoor time. We had major lightning here tonight but then it only rained for about 5 minutes. Just enough to settle the dust and make everything mucky.

    1. I hope you were able to watch the lightening from your window!

  2. Glad you had a chance to get out. It's cold, wet and miserable today!

    1. Oh my gosh, yes, I am so glad we got out when the getting was good. Inches of snow last night, and freezing rain ALL DAY today. Deep icy slush everywhere. It's like January, without the leftover Christmas candy!

  3. Freezing rain off and on for three days here - and then woke this morning to a heavy snowfall. Sigh. Spring has forgotten us.

  4. I am so happy that you and Piper had that wander in the woods. It sounded absolutely soul-nourishing.


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