Sunday, April 8, 2018

a sketchy week in review

Early in the week, so much snow had melted in the woods that the partridgeberry was visible again. So refreshing to see that occasional glint of red on the forest floor!

Then, it snowed and hailed and rained and snowed.

There were thunderstorms. Gusting winds.
Branches came down.
The power went out twice in 12 hours.

Then we had a sunny day!

On the sunny day, I took a break from combing goats. Although it was still cold and windy, I dusted off my sketching chair and headed to the woods with Piper.

We walked in, then Piper trotted around while I set up my chair, unpacked my watercolor pencils, got settled in and started to work.

But...Piper was so excited to be out in the woods, she kept coming back to me, dropping her head - thud! - onto my sketchbook, and looking up at me, grinning. Seeing her so happy made me happy, too, so I put the sketchbook away and brought out the treats instead.

Outdoor sketching can wait.
I still have lots of photographs to work with.

And nighttime sketching is good.
The trickiest part is staying awake.

I don't know where this weekend went,
but I hope you all had a good one!



  1. Lovely artwork. Piper is a treasure.

    1. She is indeed...but not a Friend of the Arts! ;)

  2. Love those photos and drawings. They're all so pretty in different ways.

  3. What beautiful work you do. I stand amazed.

  4. ole man winter has a death grip! we had snow ice flurries over the weekend...bitter cold.
    Away! Be Gone!
    You are SO talented, thank you for sharing...truly.

    1. It's snowing here right now, and has been since early morning. I have a doc apptmt a halfhour away, and am wishing I could just stay home drinking warm things instead.
      Thank YOU for your kind comments! If this keeps up, I'm likely to get a Big Head!

  5. Spring is definitely making her entrance kicking and screaming all the way. I expect we aren't going to have one here, and that it will be skipped completely. So glad you and Piper were able to spend some time in the woods.

  6. I love that Piper thunked her snout on your sketch book. She isn't subtle, is she? I'm so glad that spring is arriving for you! I can't wait to see your sketches of it!


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