Wednesday, January 17, 2018

the markmaking continues

 One of my clothesline posts.
This post was old when I was young.

One of the bells hanging by my temporary gate.
I jangle them when I pass.
The sound cheers me, and lets the goats know where I am.

From a photograph taken a few months ago,
walking in the woods with Piper.

Shriveled fruits of a Maple Viburnum.
From a photograph taken this week,
walking here at home with Piper.

My sketchbooks are developing a unique topography...
an unplanned effect of painting with a very wet brush
on very inexpensive paper.

Most of the daily markmaking has been taking place at night, when I wake up and can't get back to sleep. This has unexpected advantages! For one thing, the process is unencumbered by the daytime pressures of all the waiting tasks tugging at my mental coattails. Also, it is extra-satisfying to create something in a period of time that would otherwise be fretted away in wakeful unease. So, keeping a sketchbook, a pen, and a few watercolors by the bed has turned out to be quite a good thing.

But still.


Between you and me?

I'm a photographer.


  1. The pen and ink are so pretty! And amazing. I like how you see.

  2. I love the pen and ink, and the watercolors! But, I understand - you're a photographer. I am too, through and through. I'm sorry about the sleep interruptions but it seems that you're putting them to good use!

    1. Having a simple knitting project at hand can also be good, but then there's a risk of falling asleep while knitting - it's happened!

  3. I do love to see a journal jampacked with all sorts of things and paper that has dried crinkly from painting. I've been such a slug this week, not really wanting to create much at all, but trying to get out of the funk.

    1. Your sketchbooks and postcards are an inspiration to me :)

  4. I would love to be able to make a nature journal. Keep at it!

  5. Your photographs are always a delight, but I have to say I really like your pen and inks for contrast.

    1. Thanks, Leigh - I'm glad people aren't getting sick of me posting the sketches - putting some of them on the blog helps me keep going with it!

  6. Far better to be doing these little drawings than lying there awake. I hate wasting time and end up fuming as I lie in bed listening to a happily snoring husband. Getting up immediately wakes him and then there's two of us awake. Sigh.

    1. That does sound a bit difficult...I feel bad about waking up the cats, and they are experts at getting back to sleep!


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