Sunday, January 21, 2018

sunday snapshot

This morning, Della tried a new way of telling me,
"Time to get off the laptop."

She was right.

Thanks, Della!


  1. Aren't they a trip. Maggie tries to flop down on the key board.

  2. Ha-ha! Peek-a-boo! :) Smart cat. Have a good week.

  3. Love that picture. It should be entered in a contest of pet pictures.

  4. Ohh--what a sweetie pie--who loves you--miss having a cat--(but not the litter!!)
    enjoy, di

  5. Cats do have a way of telling us what to do, don't they.

  6. May I borrow Della to tell my son to get off his laptop?? ;-)

  7. Oh my goodness - that is SO cute!

  8. My daughter likes to climb all over me to remind me it's time to close the computer. I think I'd rather have a cat do it ... she would weigh less LOL!


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