Thursday, September 28, 2017

thankful thursday

candy roaster squash, yesterday

candy roaster squash, today

The weather broke today, thank goodness and all the gods.

The past week has been very hot and stultifyingly humid, both day and night.
A/C cranking. Three fans in the house instead of the usual two, so Piper could have her own fan at night. By the third day of higher than 90 percent humidity, I had turned on the industrial-strength fans in the barns.

After morning chores which left me dripping sweat no matter slowly I moved - and believe me, I can move slowly - I sought respite in my spa.

My spa is an inflatable tub that you might think looks like a toddler wading pool in the shape of a bathtub, but it's NOT. It's a SPA. It says so right on the box.

Piper doesn't like it.
Here is the look on Piper's face when I am in the spa:

If you look closely, you'll see that Piper's concern at my insanely dangerous behavior does not interfere with her enjoying a good roll in the leaves.

There is a sort of cover that zips up across the top (another indication that this is not just some flimsy toy paddling pool, oh no), which helps if a person or an adventurous little cat requires a surface.

Moxie could tell right away that it's a spa.
Let the self-care begin!

A couple of times, I painted the scenery:

Once, I worked on a sock:

But today, this gloriously clear and fresh and fabulous day, all the windows in the house were open again and working outdoors was a pleasure. And Ms. Piper could enjoy rolling in the leaves without the nagging concern in the back of her mind:

if a human melts away into water and never come out again,
who will open the cans of food?


  1. ah - the eternal question of who will open the food! Glad that you and Moxie are enjoying the spa, and that your weather has cooled a little. Here too.

  2. I bet Piper wanted a spa day as well. Looks like a fun way to spend a hot day.

  3. I've never heard of them but I like the idea of an inflatable spa! Would have been perfect just 24 hours ago when temps were in the 90s, but less needed now that night temps are in the 40s. Crazy weather, but thank goodness for cooler temperatures!

  4. It didn't quite get that wilty here. Whew! I'm sure everyone is happier today!


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