Friday, March 10, 2017

friday flurries

Well, it's been a bit of a darkish day.

Snowed all morning, and quite cold.

 The wind had a real bite to it.

But just as I went outside to do the last chores of the day,
the sun suddenly burst through the greyness
and the sky turned bright blue!

Minutes later, the sun went down.
It was a colorful surprise ending to a dimmish day.

And here's another colorful surprise.
This one appeared in my email today:
the Kiva tally for International Women's Day.



  1. Hi Quinn,
    Lovely photographs
    The sun did peek out a few times for seconds today here in Vermont. It was a Look at that! moment.
    No biting wind while I was out.

  2. Lovely. Glad to see your weather took a turn for the better. Ours has done the opposite. No crochet in the garden today. We've decided to move our gathering to a coffee shop. Have a good weekend.

  3. Very pretty. So chilly today - hope you and the goats are staying warm!

  4. We've had a couple of sunny days (albeit quite cold) but now the much-hated weatherman is predicting a big snow storm to hit tomorrow afternoon and into Tuesday. Enough already!!


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