Sunday, October 2, 2016

sunshine on a cloudy day

 I've been having a lazy day.
Once the chores were done and everyone fed, I pretty much stepped out of the traces and suspended any expectation of productivity.
In other words: slacking.

It's been gloomy and off-and-on rainy all weekend.

(The sunflower images were taken one afternoon two weeks ago.
Saved for a rainy day!)

Yesterday it looked like this in Tunbridge, Vermont:

I rented a car for the weekend - one of those Enterprise weekend deals - because it was important to me that I try to get to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival and Cashmere Goat Association show. I didn't want to try to travel with anyone else because it's never a sure thing that I'll be up to the trip on the given day. With a rental, even if I ended up unable to go to Vermont, I could do local errands and test the notion that, instead of continuing to search for an affordable small (and elusive) pickup truck, I could make do with a small car.

(It was a good experiment.
The answer is: no.
Let the pickup search continue.)

It was a good trip, because I got to say hello to a few cashmere people and see quite a few cashmere goats in the barn. They had an entry of about 50 goats; not bad! There were also a good many vendors of fibery goodness at the festival, which meant pleasant chats with the owner of a specialty spinning mill and a breeder of Gotland sheep (very interesting!) and a dyer and a felt artist and a woodworker and some knitters. And I bought two sets of sock needles and a packet of felting needles. And lunch!

Just noticed my rubber barn boots: glad it was cool and damp enough to wear them.
Disinfecting back at home is easy when I can just step into a basin of antiseptic.
I enjoyed a hot pork barbecue sandwich and homemade coleslaw on a bench across from a sheepdog demonstration, while another cashmere breeder told me about a recent conversation with her vet, who had asked about me by name. Kind of surprising since I haven't seen that vet in about 4 years. Possibly one of my naughty goats left a lasting impression?!

The rain held off until I was driving back home, which was perfect. And although the day was a marathon for me - over 5 hours of driving and 3 on my feet - evening chores were finished by dark. And after feeding Piper and Della and Moxie, I must have gotten right into bed and fallen asleep, because I don't remember anything after Piper's last treat. She will stand next to my bed and stare at me until that treat appears, and it seems unlikely she would ever allow me to fall asleep without producing it. Piper learned a long time ago that thumping the bed with her chin - repeatedly - is guaranteed to get a response.

So, that's my weekend! I hope yours has been good :)

I also hope you won't be too disappointed when you hear that Tsuga and Lily did not win the third level of the Chaffhaye competition. I was already in Vermont and not even aware of the voting until lovely Tanya of Bead and Needle sounded the alarm (thanks again, Tanya!). Then, since I couldn't access FB from my phone, I was unable to even vote for my own goats! But it wouldn't have mattered; there was a landslide victory for the picture of a cute goat wearing a Chaffhaye bag. So a sincere "thank you again" to everyone who supported Tsuga and Lily - very much appreciated. And don't worry; they don't seem at all concerned about maintaining their Amateur status in the Cute Department ;)



  1. Glad you, were able to make it to the show; love fiber festivals, always learn so much and have so much fun. Fab photos of sunflowers and you're smart to wear rubber boots. I probably wouldn't have thought of doing that. ugh.

    1. Hi Sandra, you World Traveler, you! So nice to see a comment from you :)

  2. I like your style Quinn, renting a pick up truck! I secretly covet having one but am always in a dilemma as to which one. One is too big, one too small...and the list goes on. Sounds like a wonderful weekend...goats and cashmere. I am sure yours are stunners! ;)

    1. Hi Jeanne - I've got a clear idea of the truck I need, but am having a heck of a time finding one second-hand that fits the bill. I cringe at the idea of visiting dealerships, but it must be done, and SOON. Wish me luck :)

  3. Cheery photographs. The sunflowers radiate sun!
    Sorry you photo that should have won didn't. It is the cutest picture. I hope the next contest their voting process is easier. Wishing you much good luck finding a good pick up before rain and wind of November.

    1. Thanks :) I'm honestly relieved that we are no longer "competing"...the whole idea of ending up at ONE "cutest goat" is a little bit crazy, since most goats have at least cute moments. Thanks for your good wished for Truck Search 2016!

  4. Hello Quinn. I'm new here and glad I stopped by. The lighting you picked up on the second sunflower photo, the underside of the flower, was absolutely amazing. I'm a amateur photographer, cell phone camera only, but I am always distracted by the way light shows up and then jumps off the plants on our farm. Takes me forever to get my chores done!

    1. Welcome, Donna! Yep, it's all about the light, isn't it? And this time of year, with the strong lateral light, is one of my favorites. I know exactly what you mean about the chores ;)


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