Sunday, June 19, 2016

when the right one comes along

A friend once complained to me that her husband "would rather have no furniture in the house than buy something that isn't exactly what he wants!" She was complaining to the wrong person. If I don't need something immediately, I can wait a long time - often years, sometimes decades - to find "the right one" of the items on my longterm shopping list.

An advantage of this approach: when the right one comes along, there's no dithering or delay - it's a snap decision.

By the way, none of this applies to Piper.
Piper gets whatever she wants.
Pretty much instantaneously.

I've been cutting lumber by hand - and very badly - for a long time. No matter how careful I am, it is always a bit of a miracle when my angle cuts actually fit.

Even when Expert Assistance is provided.

During the building of the original screenporch in 1997, I had the short-term loan of a table saw and compound miter saw. It took a little while to get comfortable with using them - so loud! - but they soon became invaluable - so accurate! so powerful! When I gratefully returned them to their generous owner, both tools were added to the permanent shopping list. Somewhere between "livestock scale" and "adjustable daybed."

Fast-Forward nineteen years...


The lovely person who sold me this well-cared-for compound miter saw for a very low price (I actually challenged it and offered more) is also considering selling a table saw of similar vintage. I gulped (even at a very reasonable price, it is still, in the coin of my realm, a few truckloads of hay) but then said, "Please let me know if you decide to sell, because I would like to buy it also. Anytime."

Readers, I will keep you posted. But that one would probably be a Wordless Wednesday: just a picture of a table saw and a tall gin and tonic. ;)

Remember when I painstakingly salvaged all those bits and pieces of lumber after the porch renovation? Some of it has already been put back to work in the goat barn. And now some of it will be returning to the porch, in a new role: simple brackets supporting the windowboxes. Very satisfying!

This lumber shows its history.

Weathering on the exposed sides...

...claw marks from squirrels scrambling up to the roof...

...a carpenter's note from the Great Gable Window Search...

 ...and the occasional nail-hole, as you can see in a few of these newly-cut pieces. So glad I took the time to remove Every Single Nail from this lumber before storing it for reuse. It was ready to go!

Apparently this project requires special screws - I'm learning something new here! - so it won't be finished today. I hope you don't mind. I'm turning the simplest of projects into a very long process, but having fun doing it.

And soon I hope to show you the windowboxes in place.

For now, here's a peek:

I hope your Sunday is full of color and adventure!


  1. Ooh tools!!! I hope you're more responsible in your use than I was when I got a cordless drill and ran about inventing places that urgently needed holes drilled in them!

    On a different topic: the great cosmic joke is that people who shop slowly and deliberately partner up with their opposites. Likewise with room temp preferences. And vacation styles..

  2. Great photos. Craigslist has decent power tools listed sometimes, but you have to be fast. Every time I've contacted, no answer or it was gone.

    I dream of having a woodworking shop next to my art studio space, complete with yellow lines, hard hats and safety glasses cabinet. On "Ask this Old House," building a chicken coop, I noted they used ceramic screws. It took me to searching the web and reading more about wood working than I needed. lol,,20988389,00.html

    Saving wood is like accumulating fabric. lol Little blocks can be screwed and glued to make legs for tables and all sorts of things.

  3. Here's to power tools and miter saws! Anyone who can use one as well as you do CERTAINLY deserves that table saw, too. Happy Sunday, Quinn and Piper. XOXO

  4. I suppose now you'll be running about looking for things to saw! Congratulations on your well deserved power tool.

  5. I'm like that too. I'd rather not have things that I don't love and would often prefer to wait. Then, when I find something, it's often a snap decision. When it's right, you know it. :-) That saw will help SO much! Have fun with your projects! :-)


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