Sunday, May 1, 2016


Dear readers,

In a fit of crazy optimism, I'd like to start drawing before #DrawingAugust2016, and since this is the first day of a lovely new month, what better time to dust off the sketchbook, elbow a few things aside on my worktable, and give it a go? Maybe not a drawing every day, but at least a daily attempt.

The good news is, there is inspiration everywhere I look.

You might imagine the result: I have drawn nothing.

I am immobilized by an overwhelming abundance of inspiration.

Not complaining! The world is glorious! drawing yet.

Help me out?

I've come up with a few simple subjects/themes, and made (I hope! it's an experiment) an interactive poll. Please click whichever choices strike your fancy, then click the "vote" button. I particularly invite readers who don't usually comment to "vote" in this little would be very encouraging to see a lot of clicks :)

Thank you!

what shall I draw? free polls


  1. I voted! See my button. What no buttons?

    1. Thanks for your input, Liz! If you click "view" I think you'll see the results, but not here; the click takes you to the free poll-maker website.
      This is all new to me, but it's the only way I could find to put a poll in a blogpost instead of in the sidebar.

  2. Great idea Quinn. I suggested tree because you can still see the silhouettes this time of year ... kinda fun to draw, right?! Looking forward to seeing your choice eventually ;)

  3. OK, I voted bird...a feather would be fine, too! XOXO

  4. You are a woman of countless talents. I voted for a bird but it was a close call between that and a tree. Photographing trees is challenging (if the tree is the sole subject). I don't know about drawing?

  5. I've chosen a leaf and then you can work up from that onto a branch with a few more leaves, ans so on untill you have the tree, then lots of trees, and finally your landscape. Actually you've given me the inspiration, to get started again, thanks Quinn and good luck, Sow us how your getting on. Have you got your window troughs sorted out yet ?

  6. I voted boat. They are tricky but once you get the figure 8 thing down, its easier.

  7. I voted for bird - but wanted to also vote for leaf. Guess it's not 'right' to vote twice (if it would even let me).


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