Wednesday, September 2, 2015

new perennials

Thanks to Wendy's recent garden post, I discovered a new flower to marvel at: Helenium autumnale. I found it right away on one of the online (but off-my-budget) nurseries, and chose my favorite: Ruby Tuesday.

Then I headed for my "local" feedstore (the one that is only 25 minutes away). Before I even began looking for replacement goat collars - the "real" reason for making the trip - I searched hopefully through their last table of lonely perennials.

And found the exact one I was looking for!

 And I do mean "one" - there was ONE plant!

I hastily loaded it into my little shopping cart, and then, in a fit of elation that translated into spendiness, added a Rudbeckia.
It was labelled "perennial" - not all of them are in my area -
and I hope very much that it will be.
Because it is stunning:

The brown tones of this flower are so deep and rich!
I collect images of brown flowers on one of my pinterest boards, but this is the first one I have in my own garden.
Very exciting! 

The Helenium looks a bit stressed, but considering it has been in a pot for who knows how long - several hot and humid months, I suppose -
I think it's done very well for itself.

As of this morning, the plants are neighbors in a mostly-sunny spot, where they can put down more roots (between the rocks, but still better than a pot) and continue to bloom as long as they like this year.

And - I hope - 
grow to new heights and widths and flowery profusion next year.

You know, I had intended to make this post a
"Wordless Wednesday."

But I just couldn't do it!


  1. Hey, hey, hey!! These look great! I love the colours in both the flowers you got, but especially that rudbeckia! Mine are plain yellow ... I'm going to have to be on the lookout for something more interesting next spring. I'll keep this in mind when we have our simultaneous international horticultural experiment. Mark your calendars :)
    PS your previous post on the sketching was quite inspiring. You've done well with the sketches, and the rock recliner looks comfy. I've been using a "boating chair" seat when I have to sit on the rocks for hours while my husband and son fish off some teeny island up north. It makes the time a little more enjoyable when I have some back support.

    1. I think the yellow Rudbeckia may be hardier than the one I bought, but we'll see!
      And I am sometimes tempted to buy a boating chair type seat just to have out in the paddocks so I could visit with the herd more easily, but at this point I have to have not only the cushioning "below" but also support all the way up to my shoulders. Even if I'm in an actual boat ;)

  2. Aha that's where your colored pencil money went. On goat collars, yes, of COURSE that's what I meant..

    1. Ha! You're right (sort of) - I decided against buying more watercolor pencils right now because my Must Buy list seems to grow every day lately, and with items such as "camera" and (gasp) "vehicle."
      But don't worry about my yellow-less state...I have a Clever Plan!! :)

  3. I just love the two new flowers and I think perennials are so cool. I love seeing them pop up each spring.

  4. You made me laugh with your last line!!!!

    I love your new flower friends! I think they are gorgeous, and I can't wait to see how they do in their new home!

  5. That's the kind of color I love. Mine are yellow too, which is fine, but some of the other colors are wows.


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