Tuesday, September 22, 2015

fun tip

Did you know you can sign up for alerts - on your email or by text - for when the International Space Station will be passing overhead in any location you choose? Such as where you live? Or in a location where you plan to be, say, camping under the Big Big Sky somewhere on Earth?

Yep. Here you go: NASA ISS Alerts.

And in case you'd like a little graphic to explain how to use the alerts to know exactly where the ISS will appear on your very own horizon, and in what direction it will be travelling in a vast arc across the heavens, here's the picture that explains it.

It's truly exciting to see that little light crossing the sky, and suddenly feel a real-time connection to the International Space Station and the people living there. And it's so, so, so much easier than going to Astronaut School.

Have fun!


  1. I wouldn't be surprised to see a little streak of light turn up in some of your fabulous high country nightsky snaps, KB :)

  2. Thanks for the info
    The sky is so clear this morning, it feels like ages since I've seen stars.

  3. How interesting! I should tell my college boy. He loves astrology.

  4. We also have a big lunar eclipse coming up. Alas almost always in recent years our cloud cover has been between us and sky happenings.

    1. Same here, plus I have a little tree-fringed window of sky to peep through, so I am not able to see many things. Makes it even more special when I do!

  5. That is way cool! I have never seen this program, thanks!!


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