Wednesday, June 24, 2015

wordless wednesday



  1. Oh my goodness, they are so cute. And I love the combination of chocolate and black!

  2. They just have the sweetest little faces and expressions. And obviously are very comfy, cozy. :)

  3. Oh, a box o' goats! Great pic.

  4. They are such cutie pies! I would love to pet them... I bet they are uber soft! :D I'm still thinking about them... we'll see what next year's house budget is like... :D
    Hugs and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Beth P

  5. No words needed! They are absolutely delightful!

  6. Hi Quinn, I'm so behind on catching up with all my blog friends, that I'm embarrassed at the time that has elapsed since I last came by. I went back to the last time I commented ... remember the white spiderwort? that far :[ To answer your question there ... I did plant my spiderwort in full sun. They both are in full sun and are doing great. We've had far too much rain this spring/summer (is it really summer?!), but all the plants seem to be doing OK for now. I myself could use some sunshine though, I think I'm starting to grow moss in my hair!!
    Your baby goats are getting so big, and I love all the photos you have of all your beauties. I really liked all their innocent comments on jumping the fence. Ha! I wouldn't put it past them if they were not so much creatures of habit. We used to find our goats out on the road ... well, other people would stop and say "are those your goats down the road?". Oops! The goats just told us they jumped the creek, walked through the woods and got lost. A likely story. We were just thankful they never got hit by a car.
    I love the little microwave pot you received from your friend. It's so cute! I'm usually leery of putting my handmade pottery items in the microwave in case they explode. How do you find the pot works? I love the little wool mat it's sitting on in the photo.
    I see I'm commenting on your "Wordless Wednesday" ... adding words where you probably didn't want them ;) Such a sweet shot of the goats. Could they look any more content. I hope your rain (and ours) ends soon. I'm so tired of looking at grey skies and wet plants. I haven't watered anything for weeks. Enjoy the rest of your week Quinn, and I hope I can stay caught up with everyone a bit better in the future.

    1. I'm always happy to see your comments, Wendy! Welcome back :)
      Yes, rain, rain, rain! Yesterday it did NOT rain, and I felt it called for raising a special flag or something. I think it will take about three hot, sunny days in a row to dry things out a bit, but right now it's just mud and muck everywhere. And hot. Quite tropical!


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