Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The porch floor work was mysteriously delayed for two days.

I don't know why. That's the mysterious part.
But today, the gentlemen arrived on time and got busy right away. They left at 5PM, after sanding the floor thoroughly and putting down the first finish coat of a probable three.
Fingers crossed it will be done by the weekend.

I didn't take a wide shot of the entire floor before they began sanding, but here's a fairly representative section of floor - this is the area in front of the slider, looking south - taken on the day when I insulated the kneewalls:

And here is a detail of the floor in front of the slider
after the sanding was done today:

It was fun seeing the original colors reappear.
(It was especially fun since I was not the one
on my hands and knees, sanding.)
The wood has been darkening naturally since 1997.

I remembered finding the mahogany at two lumberyards,
laying out every single stick,
and choosing the ones I wanted.
This is not behavior that typically endears a person
to the lumberyard staff, by the way.

(This doesn't worry me. I mention it as general information.)

There is a lot of variation in this mahogany,
and I remember deciding how to arrange the colors.
Now those colors are more than coming back;
the wood is taking on new depth
as the clear finish goes on.

In this picture, the upper section has one coat of finish:

I suddenly remembered having a load of this lumber
tied to the roof racks of Brownie, my old wagon,
when I stopped at a dog show in NH
where a good friend was showing her Irish Wolfhounds.
She is gone now.
As are her Wolfhounds.
As are my Wolfhounds.
It was another lifetime.
But it's all there somehow, in the wood.


  1. Such a beautiful floor, even unfinished - and obviously full of memories. I do envy you a wood floor - we're apartment dwellers so therefore stuck with carpet. I hate it

    1. I do love wood. Over the years I've reluctantly covered two floors (one with tile, one with laminate) because the original floor was beyond rehab, but wood is usually my preference. For just about everything ;)

  2. Stunning floor - but as you say, glad you're (I'm) not sanding / finishing it. My back, certainly would be up to the task lol

  3. Beautiful post and room. The floors have lovely character.

  4. Oh, that's looking good. Such character in that floor, I'm not surprised it's prompting memories :)

  5. This is going to be beautiful!!! Happy Thursday, Quinn - XOXO

  6. And now we have our mini-wolfhounds :-)

    I love your floor, there's nothing like real wood. We have solid oak and I love it,

    1. I love what you did with your old-and-new floors! And your doorway. I'm still thinking of building one of those little roof things over my back door - I saved the pictures from your design company.

  7. I love wood floors and yours are extra beautiful with the varying coloration. It's nice that there are memories attached to the wood, but sad to know they are all gone now. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  8. Love this. I love that you remember your friend and her dogs through this wood. I love the colours. I love that you annoyed people at the lumberyard, but you took your time and got it right. The years ahead of you admiring your floor far outweigh the hour (or two?) at the lumberyard. This is going to look SO good!!

  9. That floor looks great and what a bonus having someone else do the hard work lol

  10. what a beautiful floor and such sweet memories for you.


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