Saturday, May 16, 2015

presto chango



I had to laugh when the kids struck the same pose
in the same spot, seconds apart!

Can you see the size difference in the two?
The silver girl has gotten heavier and bigger.
The black girl, by comparison, is still a peanut!
But only by comparison.
She is growing, fit, and active, and getting plenty to eat.

They are both very active.
One day I shot 327 images, trying (and failing) to get
a decent picture of each kid so I could do a special
"introducing" post to tell you their names.
(Which are NOT "Presto" and "Chango."
Nor are they "Bloodroot" and "Lungwort,"
but thanks, Tanya. HAH!)

Their names are:





Tansy knew her name the first time I used it.
Fern is taking a bit longer,
or else she has just been too busy to respond.
In the picture above, she is checking
to be sure she has tracked dirt into both compartments
of the mineral feeder.
Because any job worth doing is worth doing well.


And now, before the looming rain begins to fall,
I'm going to take this girl for a run in the woods.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. Goodness, what fun. Names are funny things - some guinea pigs need to try on several before finding one that sticks.

    I love the duplicate poses.

    1. Last year, Campion presented quite a challenge. For a while, he was called several try-on names daily, while I searched for more plants that had begun blooming or leafing out. Then the Campion bloomed, and that was IT! :)

  2. Those name are lovely and so are the kid(dies).. I always battle when it comes time to naming something / one. No imagination.

  3. Cut names. The posing is adorable, like one said to the other...take a look a this. lol

  4. Fern and Tansy,, what nice names. But young Fern, looks as if she's a tad too adventurous for her gentle name . !! I think of a 'Fern' swaying in the gentle breeze, not standing in her food feeder, she looks like trouble. :) Both lovely, enjoy capturing them on camera, before you know it they'll be huge.

  5. Well I'm glad they found their names, nice choices too. I bet Fern can pronounce her name already. Ferherherhern!

  6. Tansy and Fern - lovely names for such adventuresome little goats! Fern looks as though she's trying to decide if the feed bin would make a good bed.

  7. LOVE the names and I adore much FUN! Glad it's warming up a bit in your woods, Quinn. We're having Blackberry Winter here; rainy, cool and overcast.

    1. We finally had a cool day today, which was thrilling!

  8. Well, they'll always be Bloodroot and Lungwort in my heart! I love their new names - and that Fern can evidently climb ladders! SO adorable. And Piper - she'll always be just Piper the Wonderdog to me - LOVE her, too! Happy Tuesday, Quinn - XOXO

  9. Such cute kids!
    I was cat rescue for many years and once rescued a goat, he thought he was a dog having been reared around 6 children and collie! A kid with a personality problem lol I found him a farm home where children visited often on trips thankfully.


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