Tuesday, March 24, 2015

tulip tuesday

Many weeks ago,
a friend and I arranged to visit
the Spring Bulb Show at Smith College.
Picked a day.
Put it on our calendars.

We rejoiced at the prospect:

stepping into warm glasshouses

being immersed in the glorious aroma of hyacinths

and filling our eyes with color.

After all these months of snow and ice...


On the day: freezing rain, icy roads.
We peered at our respective morning skies,
phones in hands,
hemmed and hawed and dithered,
then reluctantly postponed.
Very reluctantly.

We rescheduled to Saturday, the 21st.
Which was also the final day of the Show.
Much crossing of fingers last week.

Saturday, there was snow.
We went anyway.
(The eagle picture was taken en route.)


 Color, color, color!
Also, colour!

(I shall stop talking now.)





  1. We were there a few weeks ago, and saw all the flowers getting ready to bloom. It must have been wonderful with the warmth and the color! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello Dear Quinn, so fortunate that you & your friend that you were able to get to the Spring Bulb Show, Thanks for taking so many photos. I just loved them all. Mine have just come into flower this week. I'm a little disappointed as on the label they were shown as pale pink, and they are pale red. That happened last year with another brand.Next time I'll save the label then I can complain.

    1. Do you think the soil acidity may be a factor for your flowers?
      I was very surprised by my purple-not-blue spiderwort flowers, but it way my own mistake - thought they only came in blue! Should have looked at the picture right there on the label. Still, a lovely plant with pretty flowers. I'm thrilled with pretty much anything that manages to bloom here :)

  3. It took my eyes a little moment to adjust to something not white...but boy,am I glad they did!
    Jane x

    1. Exactly :)
      BTW, haven't seen a post from you in March...are you very, very quiet? Or am I offtrack again?

  4. How glorious are those blooms? What a blissful time you must have had :)

  5. So beautiful. It makes me wish I had gone to our spring flower show. I used to all the time with a particular friend. But when she moved away I never went again.

    1. It is invigorating! I went the Boston show once, years ago, and although it was certainly impressive I was totally overwhelmed. The little Smith College venue is perfect for me :)

  6. How lovely to see all those bright colors ... especially when there's still snow around.

  7. Beautiful. A sight for sore eyes, that's for sure. It's how I feel during the summer when the heat is excruciating and everything has died off. I don;t like winter weather here because these concrete buildings get so dang cold, goes straight through your bones. But Spring is perfect. I have the backdoor open and the sliding glass door in our bedroom and Jingles can take he pick of which balcony she wants to explore. I'm grateful for plants this time of year and that we put a tarp that hopefully will protect them when summer temps arrive. Wishing you a rainbow day. :) Tammy

  8. Man, are these ever gorgeous - glad you braved the snow and made it (heading back now to see the eagle picture). XOXO


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