Sunday, January 11, 2015

sunday snapshots (infrared)

Guess what we got today?

"Was it extra carrots?
Because I think you forgot mine!"

In the past few weeks, I've bought an unusual amount of Stuff.
It feels a bit alarming.

Today I had to remind myself that
I am not in a crazy-impulsive acquisition mode;
these items survived multiple purges of a year-long wishlist.
When prices finally drop in late December and early January,
I know how much money was saved by waiting months.
It's sensible spending.

Still feels weird, though!

Ever since Spring, when I moved many of the goats - and the treasured goatcam - into the "big" barn, I've wanted to replace the camera in the original goatshed. It's in constant use by a shifting set of bunkmates - currently the big boys, Acer and Betula, share it - and especially when it is a "sick bay" or a nursery ward, it is very helpful to have a way to check on the residents without disturbing them. It has been a life-saver.

Last week, the same model camera went on sale.
At last!
And today I happily spent a couple of hours on the phone with a lovely Foscam Tech Support person (only the first 45 minutes was On Hold; after that, things picked right up). He got the new camera working wirelessly and set up both cameras to display together, side by side, on my laptop.
And because my laptop is soooo slooooow to load,
 we had time to exchange a few comments about goats.
And bears.
And the goats and bears of our respective countries.
And I told him that, if necessary, I can shoo away a black bear 
but there is NO WAY on earth I could do what HE does!

And let's face it:
it's clear which skill is more generally useful.

"You know what I think is a useful skill?

Fortunately, I've got that one covered.


  1. I love your goat cams!!! And, I can really see from these photos that goats focus on that soft infrared glow just like wild animals do.

    I know a bear biologist whose favorite saying is "I've never met a bear who I couldn't chase away". So you're in good company!

    1. Betula and Acer haven't seen a goatcam for several months, but they used to have one, so I was surprised at Betula's degree of interest. He was really glued to the camera for a while last night!

  2. how lovely to see your sweet goats as they settle down to sleep. My brother has a blue-tit who overwinters in his bird box and we can watch him preening and fluffing himself up.

    1. Oh how nice - I'd love a birdcam :)
      Since getting the first goatcam, I've learned more about goat behavior and herd dynamics than I ever could have imagined! It's been a bonus.

  3. Another goat cam fan here, and I love the carrot comment :o)


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