Friday, January 9, 2015

snowy morning

Fresh snow fell last night.

Smoothing out the previous surface of crusted, icy snow.

Concealing some things, and highlighting others.

When the sun comes up, the snow sparkles.
There is the feeling of a new beginning, a fresh start.
Who would want to take the first step
into such an unmarked and perfect world?

I think you know the answer:

It's time to quit pondering
and get on with the chores.

"Yes! Let's get on with the chores!
Can I ride in the Hayboggan this time?"

If I had any sense, I would teach Piper to
pull the Hayboggan!
There is an unplowable layer of thick ice
beneath the new snow.
So, until the next big thaw -
which could be tomorrow or could be April -
I'll be hauling individual bales of hay
and sacks of grain
and groceries
up from the bottom of the driveway.
It's not a terribly long driveway.
But the middle section is a hill.

And I think Piper would enjoy the challenge!
Right, Piper?


Oh well. At least she enjoys supervising!



  1. I'm glad that Piper at least snoopervises! I hope you get your thaw soon. We have the same problem with our driveway, and I *know* it won't melt until April. But, I love the unblemished beauty of new snow like you do!

  2. Maybe you can borrow a Berner to pull the wagon...might even get Piper pushing in and wanting to do it. No? dream on?

  3. Can an old lawn mower engine jug tow rope thing like the old fashion ski slope tows?

  4. I'm with Piper - snow is for fun, not work ;)

  5. Ha-ha! That Piper is a hoot. My son went snowboarding in Colorado and was stuck for an hour in fresh powder. He said it was no fun at all. I don't think I would be the first one to plow through the snow. Take care! Tammy

  6. me too...with a big bowl, a big spoon and a fresh pile of snow for snow ice cream...yeah!


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