Monday, September 8, 2014

the blues in two keys

When I was first passing through Colorado and stayed 7 years or so,
people back in New England often asked,

"So, what's it like out there?"

I'm not sure what they were asking, really.
But I thought they were asking, "How is it different from here?"

So I would mention the landscape colors.

Not that all the colors are different, of course,
but the overall landscape palette is distinctly different.
At least to my eye.

I thought of this yesterday, when Piper and I went for a walk by the pond.
Because after a night of thunderstorms,
the sky was crystalline
and drifting clouds set off
the very different blues I associate with
Colorado and Massachusetts.
In one sky.

It's easiest to see in the big picture,
so here it is again:

The lighter, brighter blue near the horizon?
The deeper blue above the cloud?

Each different. Both perfect.

What color is the sky where you live?


  1. I know exactly what you mean with the blues. At the moment the sky is grey here - and we're hoping the promise of ran is fulfilled... ;)

  2. Glastonbury is the Isle of Avalon, known for it's mists. The sky near the ground is very misty today,but not as thick as it was at 6.30am this morning. Some hills which I can normally see are hidden. Above that, it's pale blue with soft, translucent clouds. I love it here!

    1. That sounds lovely, Kath. I hope to see it one day!

  3. I've lived both places. I was in Massachusetts for a decade, and now I've been in Colorado for even longer. I agree about the blue skies. They are different... and both beautiful. In my mind, the even bigger difference is how open the land is here compared to back east. Even in a "dense" forest here, it's possible to wander in the forest. I remember that not being possible in Mass forests... Each has its own kind of beauty but I've come to adore the open spaces here although I miss the charm of the history embedded all around places in the east.

    1. I wondered if you would agree about the colors :)
      And yes, I always described the southwest as having not a "big sky," but a "big, big sky," usually with arm gestures! I love the expansive, wide-open feeling, but the sense of being always somehow exposed/visible when outdoors took some getting used to. In New England, there is a feeling of being tucked under the forest canopy. Which, while feeling very sheltered, can also sometimes feel a bit overly snug!

  4. Today, my skies are gray. It's been raining and overcast. But your blue skies are gorgeous.


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