Wednesday, June 25, 2014

hey piper

Me: Hey, Piper, guess what!

Piper: Wha'?

Me: This box that just arrived in the mail? It's the camera!! 
We've finally got the camera back from the Little Shop of Miracles!!!

Piper: um, has the camera been missing? 

Me: What?! It's been gone for weeks!
Weeks and weeks!

Piper: Oh.

Me: Haven't you noticed on our walks by the pond lately,
that I don't stop every few seconds to take a picture?

Piper: Of course I noticed. I was thrilled.
I thought I had finally trained you to Walk Properly.


Dear Readers, if you are still here...

I will be putting the revitalized camera through it's paces very soon,
and there will be lots of images and updates to come.
But I couldn't wait to share these first snaps,
taken minutes after I brought up the mail and opened the package.
Piper, who declined to accompany me to the letterbox
on the grounds of, "It's too h-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ot....",
 was at first mildly interested in the package.
(Treats often come in packages, you see.)
But you can judge the level of her excitement
when I brought out The Camera.
Me? I felt like jumping up and down in joy!
But Piper had a point:
it truly is Summer now, and it really is hot.


  1. YAY for the camera : ) And for Piper : )

    1. Hey there, Tipper! And now I can keep a photographic record of my seed tests! With this hot weather, things are - finally - starting to grow :)

  2. Nothing like the return of a friend to lift one's spirits... ;)

  3. Surely this isn't the same Piper who we've seen bounding through the woods?! She really doesn't seem to enjoy the hot weather. My dog is ready for a walk no matter what, but I did have to walk him early this morning before it got even more muggy (it's me who hates walking in the heat). I think you captured Piper's feelings quite well ;) Wendy x

    1. It really was uncomfortable weather today...high 80s and very muggy and buggy. Even the goats didn't want to move til nearly dark!

  4. Too funny! Piper is adorable! Hugs! deb

    1. She is indeed. And I am not in the least biased. (Ha!)

  5. That was an incredibly funny conversation - In fact, you could've substituted me for you, and my husband for Piper. My husband may throw my camera in a lake someday :)

    I'm so glad that you're back, and that your camera was saved!

  6. Welcome back everyone, and the pix, too. I was getting quite anxious about you all! I heart Piper, so expressive in every way.

    1. Yes, Piper had raised "emoting" to a fine canine art form. Thanks for your thoughts, Boud -I've got a lot of blog-reading and blog-writing to catch up on, for sure!

  7. What excellent communication you have with Piper! So funny. Great news regarding the camera.

  8. Darling Piper, I want to kiss her on the nose!
    As I type, her distant cousin is also lounging on a chair :-)

  9. Quinn, not sure, as usual, my comment went glad you're camera is in working order; life isn't the same without one, is it?

  10. Oh, what a pretty girl your miss Piper is! My two give me the same pained expression when the camera comes out :)
    I use my phone a lot to take photos of the dogs and it's rubbish, so maybe I should take my camera for a walk!

    1. I've always loved your pictures! And it's very nice to see you, Mrs Moog - thanks so much for visiting :)

  11. Glad the camera is back in action - LOVE me some Piper pictures! Happy Saturday, Quinn - Tanya


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