Saturday, May 24, 2014

giveaway tomorrow!

In all the recent flurry of baby goats, let's not forget the giveaway!

The winner will be drawn after midnight ET this Sunday,
so you still have this weekend to enter,
or to share the link. Please do!

I hesitated to make specific suggestions for the donation category,
because no one has to donate money to enter.

But someone pointed me to this online option which I thought was such a clever idea,
I've decided to share it here. (And this way, I'll know where to find it again.
This blog has become a big part of my functional memory!)

The $5.00 Castle for Shelter Cats - a heavyduty cardboard "castle" that provides precious private space for an individual cat while at the shelter, then transforms to a carrier for the adopted cat's trip to it's new home. Bonus: it's made in the USA.

The Greater Good website is a very "busy" place, but if you are interested, this link will take you directly to the Cat Castle page.

So, if you've been wanting to enter the yarn giveaway but haven't gotten around to it - 

or if you just want to tell your friends you've "bought a castle" - 
there you go!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


  1. Well, that's a pretty clever shelter for ANY cat - very clever that it can be used as a transport later. I don't have cats, because of the allergies - I have to enjoy my friend's without touching (which I always seem to do anyway, and then end up not being able to see out of my eyes by the time I get home). I'm one for always donating warm blankets to our local shelters for all the animals housed there. Yep, I love animals more than most people these days! Happy Sunday, Quinn - XOXO

  2. what a great castle. I have them for my six house cats...yes, six. Dave always said, "We're going to be know as those crazy cat people" and I'd say, "What do you mean...crazy?" -lol-

    1. Haha! Sandra, were you able to find those same castles for sale somewhere? I think they look like a really well-designed item! :)


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