Thursday, May 22, 2014

a little video experiment

A few seconds of goat video...
low on plot,
high on drama!

It's Day Four for the kids, and this morning Lily invited them to follow her down the ramp
for the first time without assistance from The Staff.

I love Day Four.

I'm playing around with my little camera's "Record" feature, but since Blogger refused to accept the video (or tell me why), I had to upload it to YouTube first.
Not sure how I feel about putting the goats on YT.

Plus, it took ages to upload!
Unless I can figure out another way to edit and upload,
I doubt there will be much video on this blog.
But for now, since I've already uploaded these little clips...

That's big sister Tsuga making a cameo appearance at the beginning.
Lily gives her a couple of bumps to say,
"Watch it now! There's a little baby here and another in the stall!"

I followed Tsuga in and found she was not at all interested in the other kid.
In fact, her head was so deep in Lily's grain bucket, she couldn't see a thing.
I shooed her back outside, and took a little more video of both babies on the ramp:

They played and explored and visited their relatives through the fence.
After I cleaned the barn, I picked up the kids - 
who were then approaching the barn-building scrap lumber pile,
which I will now have to remove - 
and carried them up the ramp and inside.
They had been wide awake moments before, but once back in the barn,
they both went straight to their little cubbyhole under the bench,
and fell fast asleep.

And so ends another Adventure!

So exciting.
So exhausting.
Bring. It. On.


  1. What adorable kids!! I just love their stocky little legs and floppy ears. Such fun. I could watch baby goats all day long ;) Wendy x

  2. Ohhhhhhh - I love Day 4, too!!!!! SO adorable!

  3. So cute! They are so precious.Thank you for post the videos

  4. Nice treat to watch the babies in action... I'm always amazed how quick the little ones get moving :)

  5. Your little silver kid is really athletic already. Different personalities showing even now in the two babies.

  6. Adorable!!! Your just gonna have to show more goat video!!! :) Hugs!deb


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