Monday, October 14, 2013

just a short one

Yesterday morning started out sunny, with clear blue skies. 

But, when Piper and I were on our way to the Farmers' Market, the sky turned grey. Thinking it might rain, I decided to stop for a short walk right away, so Piper wouldn't miss out if it was pouring by the time we were through with our errand.

I encouraged Piper to run on ahead, while I took a few pictures.
In the gloom. And the murk.
In the gloomy murk.
And the cold.
The temperature must have dropped five degrees in five minutes.
Which would have been fine if I had thought to bring a coat.

Piper did not notice. She was having a splendid time! 

It had to be a short walk, because I had arranged to meet the man from the apiary to pick up my winter supply of honey. It would be my only chance - the local weekly markets are all packing it in.

At the Market, every single person I spoke with mentioned how nice and warm and sunny it had been earlier. They said this with their chins tucked into their collars, hunched into their jackets, hands in pockets.

I was not wearing a jacket, but I was hunched a bit, too, and didn't linger.

How odd is it, that none of us was prepared for a sudden drop in temperature on a day on mid-October? It makes no sense at all. Unless possibly...could it be...I am not the only one who is wincing a bit at the thought of winter? And kind of looking at it sideways?


Oh yes. Winter is coming, alright. Just look at this little fern.

Two weeks ago it was the color of the darkest glossy leaves that surround it.
Now it is a pale ghost of its vibrant, verdant self.

I know the feeling, little fern.

Not Piper, though!

The rain held off long enough for us to stop in the woods a second time on our way home. And Piper had loads of fun all over again!

Keep that enthusiasm coming, Piper! I need the inspiration.



  1. Perfect for Piper! I feel the same way you do, and my dogs feel the same way that Piper does!

    Lovely, lovely leaf photos. I adore autumn colors even if I secretly dread the onset of winter. I always end up liking winter but the thought of it is scary.

    1. I am enjoying your foliage photographs, too! And taking winter day by day, it is usually filled with beauty, so I don;t know why I sometimes find the prep and logistics a bit overwhelming.

  2. Wish I was as energetic as Piper - as it is I think I might have to hibernate. It was dark when I got up this morning. Dark!!! I am not at all ready for this.

    1. Very dark. And I'm doing evening chores earlier and earlier, but still sometimes find myself coming in to a house that's in total darkness by the time the chores are done. Time to face it head-on, I think!

  3. Quinn, I'm getting ready for winter as fast as I can! I think it's going to be harsh and have pulled out the winter clothes (haha, they were never put away, just piled in a corner) and filled up oil and propane tanks. Now to get in a supply of wood for the stove. Last night I slept in an undershirt and flannel nightgown under a wool blanket...toasty! Sleeping in an undershirt and a flannel nightgown ensures I'll sleep the sleep of the just.

    1. You know what I found last week when I pulled out the box that held (or so I thought) my winter clothes? My summer clothes, that I've been scratching my head wondering about for the past 6 months!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for visiting, Sue! Yes, the leaves are coming down fast now, but they certainly do brighten even a very a grey day.

  5. Dear Quinn, I haven't been to visit for ages. Thank you for coming to see me on Heart for home-making. I love your pictures, especially seeing Piper, who doesn't seem to care what season it is. They are all fun! Yes, we changed our duvet over to the down-filled extra-snuggly.Winter is on its way. I will try and look at it from the canine point of view - mud, snow, cold - Yay! let me out there haha

  6. Ha-ha! Piper is having loads of fun! Everything sure does look so beautiful despite the cold and rain. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. She really loves everything, does Ms Piper. Even though she is slow to get up in the mornings, once she is up, she is really UP!

  7. well you managed to take some super photographs in the murk! Piper looks like she is having so much fun :)


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