Sunday, August 11, 2013


We had a couple of very soggy days and nights this week, but yesterday was lovely. A perfect day to poke around in the garden and discover what's been going on out there.

Unfortunately, I was held captive all day by a rogue migraine, and spent most of the day indoors.

But today! Today I spent hours in the garden!

Some of the goats kept me company, on the other side of the garden fence. This is Tsuga, nibbling mullein leaves and pretending she is not waiting for a chance to sneak into the garden and chow down.

"I am not trying to sneak into the garden! I am just minding my own business and eating mullein! Why are you always so suspicious? Sheesh!"
Five seconds after this picture was taken, Tsuga squeezed her pudgy little body through a four-inch gap in the gate. I grabbed her as she was reaching for a cauliflower, and bundled her right back out to browse with her mama.


Okay, now here's a little update.

 The lemon cucumbers planted on the last day of June have been growing and reaching and grabbing on to the fence.

At least a few of the onion sets planted on 10 June survived the Massachusetts Monsoons of 2013 and are still holding their own:

This is one of only two potato plants from sets that went in with the onions. Both are an experiment; clearance-priced at the feed store, and already looking a bit sad when I brought them home. Not sure I'll see any actual potatoes, but you never know:

The first tomatoes! This may be one of the Cherokee plants. I've added so much goat poop and "used" hay around all the plants, it will now require some cautious excavating to locate the labels. The labels I carefully stuck in the ground by each tomato plant because I knew I would forget which is which.


Oh, and here is the first little zuke:

Isn't it adorable? It's a type that grows little round green globes instead of the traditional baseball-bat zucchini.

So, lots of activity in the world of plants, but the big story in the garden today is the pattypan squash!

Look here:

And here!

Ooh, and here!

 The patterns and markings are different on each one.
There seems to be an infinite variety.


Was Shakespeare writing about pattypan squash?

  I think maybe he was.


  1. You will have such a neat harvest. Hope your migraine is all gone.

    1. It feels like a little miracle every time I pick something from the garden. And thank you, I'm feeling much better :)

  2. oh what lovely healthy crops. My mouth is watering.

    1. This morning I experimented with freezing pattypan squash...have never had enough to do that before! Feels like such a luxury :)

  3. Love all the pictures of your squash bounty! I must admit, however, that at first glance, I read the title of this post as "pantypalooza." ;-)

  4. wow! what a beautiful those green tomatoes and can just taste them fried...oh my!
    Quinn, hope the headache is better, take care of YOU.

    1. Thanks, Sandra :) I'm hoping to see some ripened tomatoes this year, but if not, I'll certainly enjoy frying the green ones with a little cornmeal coating!

  5. Your garden is so lush. My goats love it when I'm in the garden too. They're always begging for me to toss trimmings over the fence!

    1. Your goats sound very well-behaved, compared to my hooligans!

  6. Quinn it all looks super. The pattypan are like mini works of art : )

    1. I agree - I spend a lot of time admiring them before I eat them :)


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