Tuesday, July 30, 2013

tsuga tuesday

"Hi! I'm Tsuga. I'm the cute one."

"This is the other Tsuga, Tsuga canadensis.
Told you - I'm the cute one!"

"Ever since I was about two weeks old, none of the fences around here work properly anymore. Only my head fits through the holes! What fun is that? I ask you!"

"Some goats stop nibbling on peoples' clothing at an early age. They decide it's just not worthwhile." 

"Well, I'm no quitter! I am confident that one day, a piece of clothing is going to be edible. Or at the very least, tear-able! I shall persevere!"

"My perseverance certainly pays off in other areas." 

"Guess what? This bit of twine may be holding the tarp in place.  What will you give me not to pull on it? Think fast - LOL!"

"When I was only two days old, I didn't know anything.
I couldn't wait to tackle the universe.

I thought the world would be my oyster oatfield."

"I was so right."



  1. Replies
    1. And there are moments when that is a VERY good thing! ;)

  2. Such lucky goats to be so loved.

    1. I try to give them a good life, but on hoof-trimming day they might not agree with you about the "lucky" thing ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Tsuga looked like a lamb when she was born - tight fingerwaves! - I did a doubletake and so did everyone else who saw her. Very curious to see what her undercoat looks like come winter!

  4. goats are all so stinkin' AAAdorable! I bet that tree smells delicious...right, Quinn?

    1. It certainly smells delicious to the goats - I think it's a tonic for them! :)


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