Tuesday, July 23, 2013

miscellaneous mushrooms

(Just because they always catch my eye. So intriguing!)


  1. That first one is really pretty! The colors are amazing. The lines are interesting too. Mushrooms always catch my eye too. In fact, I have at least one long blog post with pictures of mushrooms I saw on walks in the woods. :-)

    1. Please come back and post a link to your mushroom post! I visited your blog and couldn't find it. The post about the day all those foods tasted awful was funny, though I'm sure it wasn't at the time! ;)

  2. Great photos!
    Love the #2 and #4.
    But those on pic #3 have a a very suspicious shape...ahahahahah
    Take care!

    1. Thank you :) I should post the picture I took of those same mushrooms only two days later...they look totally different!


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