Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A dark and stormy random drawing

A still-saturated world on a morning walk

At midnight I was awoken by a massive rainstorm, with thunder that just went on and on and on.  It seemed unlikely that sleep would be returning anytime soon, so I fluffed up the pillows, downloaded a couple of free audiobooks from my regional library, and enjoyed some P.G. Wodehouse while the storm provided background drama.

Oh, and while the books were downloading I did one other thing: I went through the comments on the May Giveaway post, deleted any accidental duplicates, and tallied up 57 entries.

Fifty-seven readers who like colorful sock yarn...I am delighted!

I used the generator to turn the numbers 1 through 57 into a random sequence.  The top number was 43, so I counted down the comment list to the 43rd.

The winner is:  Nicole!

Nicole wrote: I would love to win! I am not a sock knitter, so I would make some awesome, colourful hexipuffs out of it :)

That sounds entirely awesome, and I will be looking forward to seeing your results, Nicole.  Please send a picture?  :)

(And who knows...if you aren't happy with the patterning on the hexis, this yarn may inspire you to join the legions of addicted sock knitters.  Mwah hah hah....)

Thank you, one and all who entered.  It was hard not to reply, but I thought having just your comments under that post would make it simpler to count them and do the drawing. And it did.  But I loved your comments, especially the ones that made me laugh, and the one from LindaVK on rav who liked the Postcard from the Paddock post enough to email it to other people...thank you, Linda! That comment really made my day!



  1. Hooray for Nicole! We've been using the sock yarn for shawlettes, here in Vegas...where it gets too hot for socks (shawlettes too, actually). :-)

    Happy Wednesday, Quinn - stay safe in the storms!

    1. Yes, I found a very pretty crocheted shawl made with this yarn on rav, after one of the commentors said she only crochets. I was happy to see alternatives.

  2. it's been pouring rain here and my sheep need shearing. my regular shearer is laid up so found another one who'll try and get to me in the next week or so...hopefully. my poor sheep are so miserable but I'm doing the best I's just not good enough.
    Quinn, nice giveaway; you go girl.

    1. I hope your shearer shows up soon and gives each of your sheep a comfortable new summer outfit! Heat and thunderstorms off and on for two days and nights now, with a brief tornado watch last night. Didn't arrive, happy to say!

  3. Congrats to Nicole. Hope your weather has cleared by now. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Third day of rain today, and more predicted for tomorrow. Sunday is the first "safe" day to put plants in the garden without risk of frost, and I'm hoping the rain will stop by then, so I get some planting done!


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