Friday, November 8, 2019

a gentle reminder

There was a tiny chance of snow in the forecast last night.
And that's what we got: a tiny snow.
If the air hadn't still been very cold, sunrise would have melted it.

I hastened outside to give the hens a Special Breakfast,
see what Hazel and Bud thought about their First Snow,
and take a few snaps.

Because I didn't bother with gloves - or a coat, for that matter -
I soon realized that it was indeed very cold.
Had to thaw the ice in gate latches and break ice in the water buckets.
I took only a very few snaps before heading inside
to hold my fingers under cold water for a minute, then warm water.
Ahhh. That's better.

Then I had a bowl of curry for breakfast.

I'm not saying I feel like this mushroom:


I feel like the mushroom behind that mushroom.

But the sky is becoming a pale blue and it's not raining,
so today is going to be a fine day for doing things.
For doing All The Things.
I hope!
Because this tiny snow is the gentle - if chilly - harbinger of Winter.
And there are just a few things that still need to be done.


  1. How beautiful, Quinn. I am trying to get used to this chill weather, but what opportunities for photos. Love those last two especially.

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! In some ways I'm ready for Winter, but there are always things that don't get done in time no matter how much I try. Oh well, it's coming, ready or not!

  2. I had to scrape ice off my car and I live in the South! I guess my outside painting is done for the year. There's still lots to do outside though. I hope we both get "all the things" done!

    1. Good luck! I never get to the end of my "Do Before Winter" list. You'd think by now I'd know how to make better lists ;)

  3. Yes, it's pretty, but not a welcome sight as far as I'm concerned! I've had to clean the car twice already and that's quite enough for my arthritic hands.

    1. One of the things on my list is to put up a new roundtop shelter for the Highlander at the bottom of my long driveway, and not have the driveway plowed this year as an economy measure. That was BEFORE the 3K repair bill. Now I don't think I can afford to buy another roundtop. Decisions...

  4. Glad you didn't get frostnip.
    Nice photos.
    I added deicer to my shopping list, saying to myself...remember not to leave it in the car.

    1. Is the de-icer for your locks? Yesterday I couldn't get the hatch of my truck open and had to load for the dump through the backseat passenger door. I know I bought a tube of graphite for the locks...but I wonder where I put it.

  5. I'm definitely not ready. Not that I have many outdoor chores, other than stacking one piece of furniture and emptying the outdoor faucets and shutting the valves. It's more psychological!

    1. I remembered to disconnect all the hoses from the "freezeproof" tap by the back door, but missed the one by the cellar. Yesterday morning I snapped the connector off one of my fancypants rubber garden hoses trying to disconnect it from that tap. I doubt this will be covered by the guarantee, and I already know from experience that it is impossible to replace the metal connectors on these hoses. Pretty cross with myself about this, I can tell you :(


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