Sunday, January 13, 2019

more color

Remember "Daily Markmaking 2018"?

Reflections below the Dam

I actually did it.
Some kind of markmaking, each day, for a year.

Dried Tansy from the Garden

As the year ended, I thought about whether or not to continue,

and I just didn't see any reason to stop.

This watercolor was from the first of January:

Shoreline reflection in Pond

Now I must decide whether to count continuously - in which case, tonight's effort will be #378 - or to restart the clock with January 1st being #1.
The digital files add up, and it is fun to look back at a month or a season.
It will be easier to do so if I keep them labelled and organized.

The Moon on a Cloudy Night

Isn't it hard to believe that January is already halfway gone?



  1. Very nice Congratulations!
    Look at January this way, it likes spring.

  2. Once you start a good habit, it's a good idea to keep it going. I keep getting sidetracked with my plans to meditate, do yoga, walk and journal every day. And when I miss out on one, I tend to get lazy and abandon all the others. I really need some self-discipline in my life. :) Have a good week.

  3. Love the first one! Yes, crazy it's already the 14th of January :-o.

  4. Beautiful. First and last ones are my favorites. What a neat habit to have created!

  5. Your reflections are truly gorgeous. Your colors are perfect... and the one in that pond is perfect. Congrats on your "streak" of markmaking!

  6. Congratulations on your sticktoitiveness!!! Glad to hear you're carrying on. As for numbering - why not use both systems and then, when the numbers intersect this year, do something special? Just a thought!


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