Sunday, August 18, 2019

salad days

Bean flowers:

Bean fruit:

Bean salad!

I picked the first French filet beans a few days ago,
immediately made a huge bowl of three-bean salad,
and have been eating it twice daily ever since.

You'd think I'd be getting tired of it by now, but no.
I'm just trying not to run out before I can make the next batch.

Last night I had intended to go down to the garden after chores
and fill another basket with beans:
one bean for each goat, all the rest for me.
But just as I was collecting empty grain pans and distributing peanuts,
thunder began to roll and lightening flashed quite nearby.
So I hastened to cover the hay and get Piper, Moxie and Della into the house.
No bean-picking last night.

Maybe tonight though.
Oh I think so.

Three-bean salad: breakfast of champions!


  1. I love the flowers and I love the salad, but the beans as they come from the garden (cooked OR raw) are not on my radar. I know...I'm strange....

    1. Not strange at all...if we all liked the same things it would be a dull life.
      Plus there would probably be Bean Fights.


  2. Strange, bean salad fresh not my thing, but canned 3 bean relish is.

    1. I think this is the same thing? The beans are cooked but not to the point of being mushy, and then marinated in oil, vinegar, spices, sugar, etc. I've always heard it called "three-bean salad."

  3. So many beans! They look delicious.

  4. Yum, yum, yum! Nothing better than fresh picked. I've not made bean salad in quite some time. Might have to remedy that. And make some cornbread, too. :)


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