Friday, April 12, 2019

remain calm

breathe in, breathe out

Remain calm. That's what I'm telling myself.

Part of the reason I've been blogging so little lately is that my laptop has been struggling to function. Yesterday I got a diagnosis: the hard drive is failing. Now I'm scrambling to salvage everything possible while random things appear and disappear, expand and shrink, and jump around the screen. Not a lot of fun, but I'm glad to have a chance to save whatever I can. I really cannot overstate how much of a communication lifeline and general world-connection tool my laptop is for me.

Replacement of the hard drive is already scheduled for the 17th, which will mean starting from scratch: reloading applications and restoring files. I saved 140,020 images last night, if the files haven't been damaged in any way by the state of the current hard drive. Time will tell.

Today I want to attempt to post this quick message to tell you one important thing:

the kids are named Hazel (the girl) and Bud (the boy).

I just tried to upload new pictures of them but the blog screen vanished twice - yikes. So please refer back to the earlier pictures, and apply additional cuteness. Thank you.

See you on the other side!


  1. Yay for knowing the important things! :-)

    Corrupted hard drives are no fun. Mine is thinking about failing, so I backup early and often.... Good luck with the replacement! I hope you're not down for long.

  2. Oh goodness - very hopeful that the files you've saved are just that! Good luck.

  3. We get so dependent on tech, and it's as upsetting when your computer fails as when your car does! Angst. Hoping the saved images are intact.

  4. Oh no. Been there, and it is no fun. I lost almost all my photos from 4 years when mine crashed. I had an external hard drive and guess what, it crashed too. Good luck, Quinn!

  5. Oh, that's always bad news. I replaced the hard drive on my desktop last year, it failed after only a year and a half! It was too sudden to get everything and I did a bad job of backing up regularly. I hope you get everything you want and that the transition goes well.


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