Monday, April 30, 2018

the real thing

Between drizzling mizzling rains today, I paddled out and got a few pictures of Pulmonaria for you. These pictures accurately show how the colors pop up through the fallen leaves of last Autumn.

The largest leaves are red oak, which gives you an idea of the size of the plants.

And in this picture, you can see deep pink buds, and several flowers in the process of turning from pink to blue. This isn't the exact stem I painted, but it could have been.

I hadn't seen this plant until a kind gardener in town gave me some from her own garden. It was long past blooming, and when it came up the following year I did not know what it was, so the flowers were a big surprise. I posted a picture here on the blog  and several readers identified it for me.
Rereading that old blog post tonight also confirmed my feeling the bloodroot is usually up first.

Speaking of which, here is the bloodroot today: all tucked in against the cold.

Plants are simply amazing, aren't they?



  1. Nice to see the real plants to be able to compare with your painting. I had forgotten what these looked like so it's nice to be reminded. I think they stay low to the ground so they can soak up whatever warmth there might be.

  2. Thanks for the photos of Pulmonaria for us (that name sounds like a disease but I see what beautiful flowers they are!). We are having spring snain here today so our earliest flowers have "closed up shop" for the day too!


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