Monday, February 12, 2018

monday notes

Lately the weather has fluctuated between bitter cold and right-around-freezing, the latter feeling downright balmy by comparison. And after a Sunday composed entirely of rain, I am relieved to report most of the vegetation has been freed from that dangerous coating of ice seen in the image above.

The ground, however, is another story.
These are paths leading to chores:

The ice cleats are getting quite a workout.

Someone mentioned seeing a bobcat the other day.
It's not exactly common to see a bobcat here, but this is the time of year when it's somewhat more likely. They are focused less on being invisible to humans and more on socializing with other bobcats.

I have no bobcat to show you, but here is some local wildlife.
Very local.
A little too local.

 This squirrel was taking a brief break from trying to chew it's way into the attic. It is perched snugly between two Barnyard Theatre floodlights, on the power line that runs between the porch gable and the workshop. Surrounded by wiring, in other words. And this squirrel was unimpressed by the woman standing in her slippers on the ice below, shouting crossly and waving her arms because she had been awoken by the awful sound of something chewing the wall.
The little ventilation opening at the peak of the gable is blocked with wire screen, but clearly more must be done and very soon; I cannot allow squirrels into the attic again. Maybe this one raised babies here before. Or maybe this one was born in my attic. Well, squirrel, it's true what that fellow said: you can never go home again. I watched a squirrel carrying leaves - one mouthful at a time - up an oak the other day, making a proper squirrel nest. Kindly choose a nice tree and do the same.

When not shouting at squirrels, I am continuing my daily markmaking efforts.
This was last night, #42:

Painting was a nice distraction while backing up tens of thousands of image files to external drives. I later fell asleep during the backing up - midway through 2015 - and had to finish this morning. Because...tomorrow the laptop is going back to rehab for another "7 to 10 days." Not everything was fixed on the recent visit, and enough is wrong that it cannot be ignored. I'm not thrilled with the idea of being computer-less again, but as far as the repair goes, I feel hopeful. The laptop has it's own Case Manager this time.

So this blog may be quiet for a bit, but I'll try to visit yours via the Tiny Cellphone. Apologies in advance for any spelling errors in comments - I can barely see the cell screen so the keyboard tapping is pretty hit-or-miss.


  1. Glad the squirrel intrusion is being stopped.
    An inexpensive tablet helps bridge the gap when laptop isn't available.

  2. Bad squirrel! Pretty flower. And good luck with the computer!

  3. looking forward to seeing you soon though. Be careful even with the cleats. I haven't seen the kitty lately or have I just missed her.
    Stay safe and warm

    1. Della and Moxie are great, thanks- outside chasing mice at this very moment!

  4. We found that moth balls in the attic keeps the squirrels out. You might try that approach it deters their coming in and getting comfortable!
    Good luck with navigating the ice. We have it here in the NEK.

  5. Squirrels are such cheeky little creatures. DH chased one off our balcony at least three times today. They climb up even though we're on the third floor. I don't mind them and know they're hungry too, but they absolutely clear out the feeder and the suet in less than a day. Gets pretty expensive. I figure they can get enough from what the birds knock down to the ground. You certainly don't want the little devils getting at your wiring. Hope the computer woes are less than expected and faster than expected.

    1. this winter has been so harsh i have been providing water and food for birds AND squirrels, but i still don't want them in the house ;)

  6. Oh no, not a squirrel trying to get in. I understand your alarm, and I hope that you can stop her. We provide water too for all critters.... but coming in the house is going too far!

    I love your flower - what a nice view of something almost summery when it still seems so far away.

    Have you ever tried dictating to your phone? On my iPhone 6, there's a microphone symbol just to the left of the space bar. I use it as much as I can - although its interpretation of what I'm saying can be hilarious.


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