Friday, January 12, 2018

this week in goat world

All the ice and extremely cold weather has been causing a bit of hoof trouble, and I've been keeping a close eye on several goats. Now that there is a break in the cold - it has been raining non-stop all day and is predicted to go on straight through tomorrow morning - it was the perfect time for a hoof treatment for Campion (my Champion).

Being such an experienced goatherd and all, I carefully prepared and arranged everything needed. Each step was taken slowly and calmly: cleaning hooves, soaking, drying, trimming. Throughout the process, many well-timed apple slices were offered and accepted. Finally, the BluKote: a liquid hoof dressing that must be handled carefully because it stains everything it comes in contact with. There are usually a couple of little splatters, like this one on the leg of my dungarees:

But because I was being So Very Careful,
there was no staining of Campion's coat or my hands.

At first.

Then this happened:

Oh, Campion (my Scampion)! Such a prankster.
He waited til I was opening the full bottle of BluKote,
then jerked his hoof out of my hand and did a little spin.
Both hands. Front and back.
I wonder how many days it will take to wear off?
Place your bets!

In happier - and less purple - goat news,
Cloud Harvest Cashmere had a visitor on Tuesday:

Start the countdown for Kidwatch 2018!
Vinca may become a mamagoat around the 8th of June.


  1. Oh, look at those fingers! I bet the nails take at least a few weeks. Such a handsome goat! Good luck with kidwatch!

    1. Perry is a nice-looking buck, isn't he? And quite well-behaved for the most part. I would have kept him for a while to see if Azalea might take a shine to him, but there were other does who were GREATLY interested, and this boyo could have gotten over or through my snow-challenged gates with little trouble. As it was, in the few hours I had him here, he bashed his way right through the wooden gate in the stiltbarn - splintered bits of board all over the place. Must mend that today, in fact!

  2. Congratulations Vinca!
    I didn't know goat herders have blue thumbs.

    I use nail polish remover on stained hands, but I don't know if it will work on that stuff. Afterwards, not together, I gently now and then, wash stain areas with baking soda.

    1. Nail polish remover is pretty harsh stuff, isn't it? Or maybe it's made of something less so these days. I don’t know of anything that will quickly remove BluKote, but I find it wears off noticeably day by day, either because our skin is constantly shedding dead cells or because I am constantly using my hands and scrubbing away skin cells - a process which would be hastened by the gentle added abrasion of baking soda. I just wouldn't want to use BluKote within a week of a public engagement of any kind!

  3. Boy is he handsome. But act like most males.

  4. Blue hands! Mine are gray today but it's paint and should wash off. The visitor is sure a handsom fella!

  5. Well, at least purple is a nice colour - not like some others that it could have been!


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