Thursday, February 9, 2017

poor pictures from a big storm



Just checking!

This is a Real Snow we are having.
Knee-deep at noon, and still coming down.
Chores took...a long time.

All the goats have multiple options for shelter.
They tend to find a spot, stay there for a while, then move to another spot.

Often, this means other goats get shifted out of that other spot.

Seeing that the snow was predicted to continue into the night,
I moved Tsuga and Tansy and Fern into the Corner Suite.
They get "shifted" more often than the others,
and I wanted them to have a comfortable night.
With lots of hay.
In fact, every goat will have lots and lots of hay tonight.
There will be much wasted hay. Can't be helped.

Real-time blogging interruption:
Campion is yelling in distress.
I'm going to put on my last pair of dry trousers and get the flashlight.

Real-time blogging update:
Campion was being kept out of the big barn.
His mama and sister were inside,
and he wanted very much to be inside with them.

(Someday I'll write a post about goat bonding.)

But three other goats were also inside,
and even though there was still plenty of room,
and even though no one was physically blocking the doorway -
which is eight feet wide -
Campion was definitely being prevented from entering.

(Someday I will write a post about herd dynamics.)

I escorted an ice-encrusted Campion in from the snow, 
had a chat with the group in the barn,
and distributed even more hay.
Then I made the rounds again, checking the other goats.
Everyone was settled when I came back inside,
and I sincerely hope they stay that way at least til daylight.
I do not enjoy putting on wet trousers.

And now I'm about ready for bed at 8 PM.
A cup of tea, I think. Maybe an audiobook.
But before I sign off,
let me show you what the birdfeeders looked like today.
All day. Non-stop.

 At one point, the pile of snow atop that feeder was over a foot deep,
and the the line it hangs on was sagging perilously.
I cleared the snow off, added more seed, and came back inside.

Next time I looked out, that feeder was covered in little birds again,
and next to them, I saw this gem - bright even on a dark day:

Good night!


  1. Our feeders were crazy busy, too! It was nuts in all that wind and snow how full the feeders were.

    Did you get the thunder and lightning? I tried to video it, but it didn't film well.

    Yup, goat dynamics continue to mirror guinea pig dynamics very well. lol I hope they all stayed in last night. It's a chilly day today, too!

    1. No, I didn't have thunder and lightening! Was it during daylight? Thunder during a snowstorm is such a weird phenomenon. And I don't recall ever seeing lightening with snow - wow!

  2. Silly goats - you'd think they'd all want to be inside out of the weather and would stop arguing over who's the boss in the hierarchy. Stay safe and warm!

    1. I do sometimes feel frustrated by what seem to me totally unnecessary "attitudes" amongst groups of animals, but I suppose they think it's necessary, and I'm the one who doesn't "get it!".

  3. I'm concerned about you, Quinn. Hoping you don't get exhausted. You're such a good goat wrangler, never cut corners for them. Cats also have this invisible line through territory, too, invisible to humans, but effective in keeping each other out or in various spots.

    1. We're expecting more snow tonight, Saturday and Sunday, so I'm pacing myself. This won't be the weekend I plan any construction projects...or even any housework above the minimum. So there's the bright side! ;)

  4. I'd love to read about goat bonding and goat herd dynamics. It sounds like quite an adventure to get through such a big storm while taking care of a goat herd (and a bird herd!). I hope that you are well and that the herd let you sleep through the night!

  5. Love these photos! Sounds like a long hard day though.


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