Sunday, November 26, 2017

fairies taking flight

When I was a child, we called milkweed seeds, floating through the air, "fairies."

If you gently caught one, you could make a wish
before setting it free to float away again.

As far as I know, there is no age limit on this.

Go forth and make wishes.


  1. Pretty. It's finally winter here so I am able to get out and about and enjoy all the nature has to offer. Even the weeds. :)

  2. That is a great photo. I can feel the softness. I don't think we have any around here - but that brings back some good childhood memories. :-)

  3. I love that. Fairies. Love the photo too. I've been a homebody lately, except for storytelling. Trying to chase the dust bunnies out of here! Maybe they're cousins to the milkweed fairies?

  4. Lovely photo. I can feel the softness of the fairies. We don't have milkweed up at our elevation but it is a little bit lower. I'll try to catch one next year!

  5. There is definitely no age limit! And think of it this way, you're also blessing the monarch butterflies.

  6. I hadn't heard of milkweed "fairies" - but I love that idea :) I'll have to share with my daughter


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