Wednesday, October 18, 2017

roof, day two

You may be asking, "What happened to Day One?"
and that would be a very reasonable question.
The answer is, I fell asleep immediately after supper.
It wasn't even dark yet.

I don't know why I was so tired! Unlike the porch job, when I opted to do all the clean-up myself and reclaimed lots of lumber for smaller projects, this time there will be no reusable materials. None at all. Strange but true. So I had the full clean-up rolled into the estimate for the job.

Which means that - apart from frequent discussions with Carpenter Matt about which way I prefer to do some particular thing which will impact the way other particular things will be done farther down the line - I have nothing to do.

Getting the lowdown on combining new and original materials.
Is the perspective puzzling?
Matt is on the roof of the Poultry Palace and I'm on the ladder at the gable peak of the house.

I'm not even doing my own outdoor projects, despite great weather. Instead I've been spending most of the day in the house, hoping to be a comforting presence. I underestimated how much Moxie and Della were going to be upset by the noise and activity. Very very very upset. So I've been puttering a bit. Yesterday I made a big pot of baked beans, and also (finally!) wove the ends in on a knitted sleeveless sweater I plan to donate to the hospice shop. Knitting detour snapshot:

I wanted to make this popular pattern - called Shalom - for ages, and it was fun and turned out very comfy and nice. But when I put it on, it also turned out to be "not me." I hope someone buys it for a few dollars at the hospice thrift shop and enjoys it for years!

End of knitting detour.
Back to the roofing project.

Like the cats, the goats aren't happy about the kerfuffle. But with the weather so nice, they can wander and snooze in the sun and go to the farther end of the Upper West Side and feel more relaxed. Or so I thought until I found this in the clubhouse under the stilt barn. It's possible the herd is planning an escape!

I hope they bring me back something nice.

Piper is the only one not troubled, and I really think her increased hearing loss is working in her favor this time. Even the compressor for the nail gun doesn't disrupt her nap schedule. She walked with me to collect the mail today and we had this view from the Lower West Side:

Which contrasted pretty nicely with the view at the house: 

But isn't this a clever system? Starting by using the plywood roofing sheets to protect the exterior walls while sliding the old roofing materials to the ground. And covering the ground with heavy packing wrap recycled from the lumberyard to later gather everything for appropriate disposal.
I think these fellows have done this before.

On to Day Three!


  1. Oh my, Your roof is happening and in full swing! I remember when we had ours done (when we first bought the house). The cats were terrified of all the noise. Very clever about the plywood to direct the old waste. I still found bits of old shingles and roofing nails around the house for a couple of years after ours was done.

    1. Leigh, I'm still finding bits of roofing detritus on the ground from when I had a second layer of shingles added to the original roof in the early 90s! Lord knows I'm not the tidiest person in the world, but that drives me nuts. I expect these fellows are going to do a MUCH better job at cleaning up.

  2. Looks like you're off to a good start! I like the sweater. It's a pretty yolk and I like the color.

    1. I thought I would love the sweater, but it was a good learning experience: hopefully from now on when I look at pictures of a pattern on people who have knit the item, I will try to envision how it will look on me, instead of them ;)

  3. I hope the rain holds off until you have your new roof! Sounds like you have a very great contractor that cares about what he does - something rather rare these days. As for the sweater - I must search out that pattern because it's something I know I would like.

    1. I like this builder a lot. If you need any help finding the Shalom pattern, just give a shout. It's available for free on ravelry!

    2. I found it on Ravelry but alas it's not sized large enough for me. Will keep looking for something similar that might stand a chance of fitting.


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