Thursday, October 26, 2017


In the past two days, we have had more than eight inches of rainfall. There have been interludes of drizzle, mizzle, and mist, but for the most part it's been hours of relentless rain, all day and all night.

Beech. There isn't a moment when I don't find it beautiful.

A large materials delivery was scheduled to arrive this morning, so I found my raincoat and went out to move my vehicle to clear the way. Just in that few minutes, I got soaked to the skin.

While the driver was making trips back and forth from his big truck to the top of my driveway in a nifty three-wheeled forklift, I held an umbrella over my camera and took a few snaps.

It was in weather like this - waiting for the rain to stop and rushing out to do a bit of gardening whenever possible - that I planted the saved candy roaster squash seeds in the Very Raised Bed. They had a late start - I think it was early July! But the plants did their best, and have been providing late-season food for bees and perfuming the October air with blossoms. I think the 2016 plants cross-pollinated, as these seeds have produced interesting and varied results!

I must harvest soon.

VRB, winding down.

And, when the rain stops and the muddy ground dries,
work can continue on Very Raised Bed II.
It won't be as high as the first,
and my goal is to have this bed ready for Autumn planting.
My Occasional Helper is ready to pitch in.
I am hopeful it can happen.
Weather permitting!

VRB2. A good start.

Tomorrow - Friday - the forecast is Not Raining. The builders will be back, and it's going to be a very busy day. I believe my job will be staying out of their way.

The Saturday forecast is also clear, and I'm hoping to take Piper for a long ramble by the pond that day, before the rain returns on Sunday and Monday.

And that will be my week, over in the blink of an eye!
How about you?



  1. Wow. that's a lot of rain. I'm so happy for the sun today. It was a blobby week - I can't wait to get out and walk!

    Love those squash. And with those deliveries, everything is set for today - happy building!

  2. Builders?? she asked, ears perked up. What have I missed? What are you building? Send that rain this way, lady--we are so dry here.

    1. Maintenance, mostly...the postponed roof replacement is happening at last. And a couple of added surprises!
      How I wish I could send you some rain! It's back...

  3. Staying out of the way is always a good thing when there are men doing whatever it is that men do when they're building. That, and providing the odd cup of coffee. Hope the rain stops and lets work commence!

    1. I've got a pretty good understanding of everything the builders are doing, thank goodness - I don't like mysteries when it comes to construction or repair projects. But although I stay out of the way when materials are being carried to and fro, I do step out to take photographs several times throughout the day as the work progresses :)


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