Sunday, August 20, 2017

sunday snap

Don't read too much into this.
It's only August!



  1. Too late, I read into it as I've been seeing too many of those things around here. One tree was almost completely turned.

  2. The trees in the north country already have "the hue"!! It's always this way though, and nothing to really worry about (it's when they start to fall that we can let out a collective groan).

  3. Quite a few leaves falling here from the poplars and the quaking aspen. I noticed at the end of July that things were turning, as I call it--there's a distinct yellow tinge to the greenness now.

  4. I'm following a permaculture blog in Ireland and she says it is definitely time for things to start changing, so looks like you are right on schedule there. Still hot as heck here so I'm looking forward to a cool down but won't happen for a little while yet. When our daytime high gets below 100 F, then we know Fall is coming.

  5. LOL. Some of our crepe myrtle leaves are changing, but like you, I'm not reading too much into it! Hopefully we have a cool front on the way this weekend. I'm tired of the 90s.


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