Saturday, May 27, 2017

saying it with flowers

Thank you for your comments on the previous post - I'm happy to report that it was perfectly lovely - I've never been to a nicer wedding! I had an excellent time, as did the friends I travelled with, and, as far as I could tell, everyone else at the event.

The week since has gotten away from me a bit, but all is well, the animals are fine, and enough about me, wouldn't you like to see some flowers?

rhododendron and birch, at the wedding reception

Since last Saturday, we've had a series of mizzling drizzling raw rainy days. And nights. The paddocks are soggy and the black flies and mosquitoes are having a field day biting all of us warm-blooded creatures. (Actually they do that rain or shine, drat the wretched things.)

In the midst of all this rain, the sun has occasionally appeared
to dazzle us with it's sudden exuberance!

Look! The Amsonia is budding:

An iris that struggled last year is blooming for the first time:

And do you have wild geranium where you live?
This is Geranium maculatum - a hardy little native...

whose cheery flowers are popping up everywhere:

Finally (for today's post), the always-elegant columbine.
They grew thigh-high seemingly overnight,
and I'm so grateful the rain hasn't destroyed all the delicate blossoms:

Just a little postcard from the land of wet flowers :)



  1. All this wet is good for the plants, but not so happy for us. One of the really bright news reporters here announced that, because of the wet conditions, we will 'enjoy' a bigger influx of the nasty biters this year. Hmmm....maybe it was fake news?

    1. After the past two summers of drought, I can't complain about rain - but combined with the very cool nights, it sure is slowing down the vegetable planting. Today the soil was so saturated I couldn't even try to plant seeds. Going to be interesting!

  2. All so lovely. I love geranium but it doesn't fare well in our hot dusty climate. Perhaps a wild one would do much better. :)

  3. Yay for an enjoyable wedding - that's the way it should be. The flowers look lovely. I've been thrilled with the rain, but I'm ready for some sunnier weather!

  4. We've had quite a bit of rain here in Minnesota. The wild geraniums are popping out all over the woods.

  5. I'm glad that the wedding was so fun. I love drenched flowers! We have wild geraniums too but they're not up yet. Your columbine is gorgeous!!!! That's my favorite!


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